Man Whines He Can't Work At Preschool After NYPD Arrests Him For Threats

The man who posed with the gun has expressed concern his arrest will keep him from a getting a job at a preschool.

Bronx, NY – Police have arrested a 21-year-old man who posed for pictures with a handgun beside an occupied New York Police Department patrol vehicle.

Kelvin Rodriguez posted the picture, taken in front of a marked police car from the 45th precinct, to Facebook on Friday along with the caption “Ya see da blixky ... stupid dum n****s ... f**k da 45th.”

“Blixky” is a slang term for a gun, the New York Daily News reported.

In the photo, another unidentified man can be seen leaning into the window of the police car to talk with the officers inside it, the New York Post reported.

NYPD took the threat seriously and began an immediate investigation.

Officers found Rodriguez on Saturday night, riding a bicycle against traffic on Frisby Avenue near Rowland Street, the New York Post reported.

He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and criminal possession of a controlled substance initially, police said.

While in custody, investigators were able to confirm that Rodriguez was, in fact, the person posing with the gun in the picture.

Additional charges of criminal possession of a weapon and making terrorist threats were added, according to the New York Post.

Police said that Rodriguez had one previous arrest for criminal possession of a controlled substance in October of 2017.

At arraignment, the judge released him on his own recognizance without requiring bail.

Since his arrest, Rodriguez complained that his arrest may affect his ability to get a job working with small children.

He told the New York Daily News that he feared he would be denied a job opportunity at a preschool after his widely-publicized arrested.

"I was about to become a teacher's assistant, but this has messed me up," Rodriguez told the New York Daily News from his residence in the Westchester Square section of the Bronx.

He said he was applying for a job at the Brightside Academy child care center on White Plains Road, and feared that his efforts to become qualified for the position had been wasted.

"I have all my certificates," Rodriguez said, referring to basic certifications he was required to have in order to qualify for an early childhood development job.

"They're making me out to be a terrorist ... I'm not a monster," he told the New York Daily News.

Rodriguez said the police found him with the prescription drugs Valium and Xanax when the arrested him. Court papers also showed he’d been in possession of marijuana, according to the New York Daily News.

"I take medication for anxiety and depression. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia," he said.

But he told the New York Daily News that nobody should be afraid of him.

"There was no threat," Rodriguez said. "I'm a good kid."

Police departments across the country have been taking threats made via social media more seriously.

Rodriguez’s picture with that specific pose took NYPD back to a very real and dark place in its recent history when Officer Miosotis Familia was ambushed and murdered in the Bronx in July of 2017.

A source told the New York Post that it could have easily been a “Ramos and Liu situation” if Rodriguez had fired his gun at the unsuspecting officers, referring to the two Brooklyn cops who were assassinated as they sat in a patrol car in 2014.

The killer's motive was revenge for the self-defense shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO - a shooting which the Obama administration said was legally justified.

Their murders kicked off the Blue Lives Matter movement.

“In light of what’s happened in the last two years, this could’ve been a very bad situation,” another source told the New York Post. “Cops often face verbal threats, this was much more real.”

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Um ... oh, yes! I don't have a problem with this fine young man watching over 3 or 4 year-old children! <sarc off>


Good....thats what he gets for being a dumb ass, and glad he can't (hopefully) work with kids. Im sure he will touch the kids as well, little freak! see ya..go get a real job!


Oh no. Just another poor misunderstood victim. They should just feel sorry for him and drop all charges, because he seems like the type of person we need teaching our children!!! Sad part is, there will probably be people that will try and make it the police dept.'s fault. They must be picking on him because they are racist and it can't possibly be because he is a criminal.


He will find a sympathetic liberal judge who will drop his charges. Just like the one who let him out on personal recognizance


So this dumb ass claims to be a victim? Does he want to become a true citizen of society? He made his choice and so now he will have to deal with it. I take this as a serious crime and believe this could have been another cop killing. Sometimes I like social media when stupid criminals post sufficient evidence to get convicted. A to want to work and teach children such idiots like this we don't need. This could be another issue to schools shootings when dumb asses like this work in schools.