Man Uses Taser On Texas Cop, Cop Uses Gun On Man

A serial burglar confronted by police took an officer's Taser and used it on the officer before being shot and killed

San Antonio, TX – A man who was taking a license plate off of a car was shot dead when police arrived and the man took a police officer’s Taser and used it on the officer.

A witness called police at about 2 p.m. on Wednesday and reported that a man was stranded on the side of the road and was taking a license plate off a stalled Cadillac, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Police later discovered the Cadillac was stolen and its inside had been trashed, according to KSAT.

Police approached the man and talked to him before deciding they wanted to handcuff him for their own safety, according to KENS.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the man resisted.

One officer then deployed his Taser but it was ineffective, according to Chief McManus.

The suspect took the Taser away from the officer and used it on him.

Another police officer then shot the suspect multiple times and the man was pronounced dead at the scene, according to KSAT.

Police said when he was shot, the suspect was reaching for his pocket which contained a knife.

Detectives that showed up on the scene recognized the suspect as a serial burglar, according to Chief McManus.

The tasered officer was OK, according to Chief McManus.

Police didn’t release the name of the suspect or the police officers involved.

KENS reported that the officer who had the Taser used on him had been with the police department for 14 years.

Both officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative duty during the course of the investigation, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The Bexar County District Attorney is reviewing the case, according to KENS.

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You attack the police, you get what you deserve!!!!!


Case closed!


His family will probably sue because I'm sure "he was a good boy"


One more for the good guys. GO BLUE!👍


To coin the old phrase, "Brought a taser and a knife to a gun fight." In all seriousness, cops, especially rookies, better learn that when you get in a fight, you fight to WIN! Don't be like the gubmint which fights wars to draw, or the liberal administrators who want you to "restrain." Because if you don't fight to win effectively and quickly, you will get hurt from wrestling (back, shoulder, etc., strains) or you will lose your firearm. Look up the stats about what happens to cops who lose their guns. This article is a good lesson, as the scrot grabbed the wrong gun.