Man Tries To Rob Woman, Wasn't Ready For Her Husband To Show Up With A Gun

Jordan Ponce has been hospitalized with gunshot wounds to his abdomen and hand.

Nashville, TN – A robbery suspect was repeatedly shot by the husband of the woman he attacked outside her South Nashville home on Monday night.

The incident occurred outside the Baker Station Apartment complex at approximately 9:30 p.m., as the woman was walking to her residence, WKRN reported.

The suspect, later identified as 19-year-old Jordan Ponce, then ran up behind the unsuspecting 25-year-old woman, and attempted to snatch her purse away, the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department (NMPD) said.

When the woman fought back, Ponce allegedly began bashing her head against the outer wall of the apartment building.

Her 29-year-old husband heard her screaming, and rushed outside to confront her attacker.

He leapt over a railing and landed on top of Ponce, leading to a physical altercation.

Ponce fled towards the parking lot, where the men fought again.

At one point, Ponce managed to punch the man in the head, then rose to his feet.

That’s when the man drew his gun and fired at Ponce, hitting him in the stomach and hand, WOFL reported.

Ponce jumped into a silver Acura and sped away, but was dropped off at TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center a short while later, according to WKRN.

The unidentified person driving the Acura then fled the area.

Police later determined the vehicle had been stolen less than two hours before the attempted robbery. It was recovered early Tuesday morning outside an apartment complex on Linbar Drive, WOFL reported.

The woman Ponce attacked was taken to Summit Medical Center to be treated for bruises and cuts to her head.

Ponce was ultimately transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with serious injuries, WKRN reported.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, but charges are expected to be filed against Ponce, a NMPD spokesperson told FOX News on Tuesday.

The spokesperson said she was not aware of any plans to charge the man who shot Ponce.

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Shoot to kill!


Two in the chest, not the gut.


I grew up in Nashville, a formerly great place to live but moved away many years ago because I saw it being ruined by soft on crime leftists. Now criminal blacks are running wild stealing cars and using them in crimes and shooting each other and anybody else that gets in their way. There were over 70 cars stolen in one week! The cops are being watched by a new "citizen" committee composed of cop haters. This is causing many cops to flee the force for other places. The stupid leftist mayor and council people are alarmed at their self-created mess. It's only going to get worse too.


Now the criminal will civilly sue the husband because he won’t be able to do things he couldn’t do before he got shot. But not before his family pleads on the evening news about why it had to happen to their “angel” who always loved his mom and grandma as they hold his kindergarten graduation picture and his little league picture. Better off dead.


I hope they find the driver and charge him as well. I hope the shot guy succumbs to his injuries. Bravo armed citizen!