Man Tries Kidnapping 6-Year-Old Girl, But Grandpa & Cops Give Him Something Else

Benjamin Dillon allegedly broke into an elderly couple's home and announced he was taking their young granddaughter.

Lebanon, IN – The grandfather of a six-year-old girl managed to fend off a would-be kidnapper on June 3, after the stranger broke into their home and said he was taking the child.

The harrowing encounter occurred on June 3, when 37-year-old Benjamin Dillon allegedly forced his way into the residence, FOX News reported.

“I was sound asleep in my bedroom and this guy came kicking in and said, 'You have my daughter,'” the girl’s grandmother, Patty Roth, told WXIN.

Roth said that she and the child were asleep in the back room prior to the attack, and that they had no idea who Dillon was.

“I don’t understand why he picked our apartment,” she said. “I’ll never figure that one out.”

Roth’s husband managed to force Dillon out of the residence while police responded to the scene.

When they arrived, Dillon was “shirtless and very agitated, insisting there was a little girl in the apartment being raped,” police said, according to WTHR.

He also insisted that the child was his daughter.

Dillon allegedly clenched his fists and told the officers “he would fight all of us and kill us,” according to the police report.

He was tased three times during the altercation with police, but the shocks had no effect, WTHR reported.

The aggressive suspect was ultimately arrested on charges of intimidation, battery on a law enforcement officer, and burglary, according to WXIN.

Although the little girl was frightened by what occurred in her home, she was not injured, her grandmother told the news outlet.

“I wouldn’t want him walking back in my apartment again,” she added. “He will regret it the next time.”

Roth and her husband said they believe Dillon was under the influence of drugs.

Court records showed that he has been arrested for drug offenses on two occasions in 2019 alone.

Dillon claimed that the entire incident was a “big misunderstanding,” and complained that police beat him up, WTHR reported.

“I wasn’t looking for anybody’s child but my own,” he told the news outlet in a jailhouse interview. “I haven’t seen mine in a while, and I was under the impression that maybe there’s somebody staying in that apartment that might know where my child is.”

He denied having ever “physically broke into the place,” despite the victims’ allegation and evidence at the scene that showed the front door and bedroom door were kicked in.

Dillon claimed that the couple welcomed him into their home, even though they do not know each other and it was the middle of the night, WTHR reported.

He also said he doesn’t think he really fought with police when they arrived, nor did he explain why they were called after the supposedly amicable conversation with the couple.

“I was kinda beat up,” Dillon said of his brawl with police. “I don’t believe I was [resisting arrest]. No.”

He then offered a halfhearted apology to Roth and her husband.

"I am truly sorry for coming to your apartment door, for waking you up." Dillon said. "I know I didn't kick your door in. It's a mistake."

Dillon’s trial has been set for September.

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Mig Alley
Mig Alley

“I was kinda beat up,” Dillon said of his brawl with police. “I don’t believe I was [resisting arrest]. No.” Hey asshat, you don't get to play the coveted "race card" hope you didn't waste your one phone call.


Say it ain't so....the Po-lice used force on a white dude who was committing crime? Now there will be rioting in the streets, looting of local businesses, weeks of demonstrations, calls for the Officers to be arrested, outrage by local "organizers" and calls for changes to the laws.

Oh. Wait.....


That’s why I carry all the time. If a drugged out asshole like that broke into my house they would take him out in a body bag and there wouldn’t be any bullshit after the fact lies and stories.


Looks like road rash to me. He was probably forced face down on the pavement. Don't resist and this will never happen to you.

Cops kid
Cops kid

If that's"a little beat up" ? He needs his ass kicked