Man Pretended To Have Down Syndrome, Hired Women To Change His Dirty Diapers

Paul Menchaca pretended to have Down syndrome and would get sexually aroused when given baths.

Gilbert, AZ A 30-year-old man was arrested for pretending to have Down syndrome and hiring people to bathe him and clean his dirty diapers.

Paul Menchaca was arrested Sept. 6 by police at him home, according to KNXV-TV.

Menchaca posed as person named Amy and hired caregivers to bathe and change the diapers of her son with Down syndrome.

One of the caregivers said that she helped change diapers and give baths to Menchaca about 30 times during the summer. It was done over various locations, according to KNXV.

Two other caregivers said they started in July. All three caregivers knew each other, according to police. They all said Menchaca became sexually aroused when he was bathed.

The caregivers met Menchaca on apps like Carelinx and

He needed shower and grooming, he couldn't use the bathroom himself, he couldn't really be alone by himself, one caregiver who was not identified told KNXV. He acted like a child; his whole demeanor was childlike. He would act in tantrums, talk like a child, act like a child. Why would you do that? Why would you make us change you knowing you didn't have to. Why didn't you give us a choice?"

The first caregiver became suspicious and followed Menchaca to his real home after he was dropped off by another caregiver, according to KNXV. The first caregiver then knocked on the door and met Menchacas parents and at that point discovered he didnt have Down syndrome or need diapers.

Another caregiver told KNXV that Menchaca told her he suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

"He did ask me a few times to come over and help him shower, but I was incredibly uncomfortable with that, that caregiver told KNXV. I feel disgusted and very uncomfortable. As a CNA I'm so drawn toward people who need help, vulnerable adults, somebody who can't even make it to bathroom themselves."

When the three caregivers confronted Menchaca, he admitted that he had been lying to them.

"I do have a low IQ level," Menchaca said in court, according to KSAZ-TV. "My mom and dad both have paperwork to prove that, and started to talk to my dad about getting me some help, and getting me a counselor."

One of the caregivers said they feared for their safety after realizing they had been duped.

"It has affected my work as well," said one of the caregivers, according to KSAZ. "I've actually missed work for that, and I think that it should be held with either a substantial bond amount, or where he would not be released until the next court date, because I fear for my safety, in regards to that as well, as well as my family and friends, because I did bring my family and friends around him."

Menchaca stated that he was a school crossing guard for the Chandler Unified School District. He has been charged with fraudulent schemes and sexual abuse, according to KNXV.

Menchaca resigned Aug. 31 from his job at the school district. He was employed in various part-time jobs for about two years in support staff positions.

The Chandler Unified School District stated they did a background check that included fingerprint clearance and nothing came up on Menchaca, according to KNXV.

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Ewwwwwwwwww. did i mention Ewwwwwwwwww. Those poor caregivers. Glad they finally caught on to him. but Ewwwwwwww. I would have smacked the crap out of him, literally. What other place did they tend to him at? He only worked as what a crossing guard and lived at home with mommy and daddy, gee could that be part of the problem. He's what 30? ok, one more time for the cheap seats. Ewwwwwwwww.


Wow!! He's not to bad off mentally to think up a scheme like that. Then again, anyone with a normal level IQ wouldn't pull something so asinine.


Lowlife? Deviant? Disgusting? Genius? Pervert? ...I suppose you could say it all ...ahem.... "Depends"


I didn't read anywhere that it said he was a Hollywood actor. Do you think that part was accidentally left out?


Ahhhhhh...........perversion, the new norm for liberals, along with child molestation, and other deviancies. How many of us are really surprised that this happened, considering what else is going on in our society lately ?