Man Kills Himself, Claims He Was 'Victimized' By Police For Investigating Him In Wife's Murder

Christopher Lockhart maintained his innocence in his wife's murder until he recently committed suicide.

Portage, MI - When a man was named a person of interest by police in the disappearance of his wife, he said that he "felt victimized".

Christopher Lockhart, age 47, was found dead on Tuesday, October 24, after apparently committing suicide in the home he once shared with his wife Teresa Lockhart, age 44.

He left a suicide note, and confessed in the note to the murder of his wife on May 18, according to People.

In the note, Lockhart admitted to disposing of his wife's body in the Allegan Game Area. He also left a hand-drawn map showing police where to find her body.

In June, just hours after he was named a person of interest in Teresa Lockhart's disappearance, Lockhart was interviewed by Fox 17, and continued to proclaim his innocence.

He said, "For police to say I’m a person of interest — there’s nothing. I feel like I’m being victimized.”

In the interview, Lockhart told Fox 17 that his wife was troubled on the night she disappeared, and that she had told him she needed help.

Lockhart said that he didn't report her missing to police because he claimed she had ran away from home before. He told Fox17 that he was hesitant to talk about his missing wife because he wanted her to be able to keep her privacy.

He also claimed that Teresa Lockhart suffered from anxiety, was having problems at work, and had planned to resign.

Lockhart said that he felt strange being in the spotlight after being named a person of interest, and that people were constantly driving by his house.

Senior Deputy Chief John Blue told reporter K.C. Baker with People that Lockhart hadn't cooperated "pretty much from the beginning - very little, if any."

Lockhart also refused to allow police officers to search his residence until they had obtained a search warrant.

On Tuesday, police located the badly decomposed body of Teresa Lockhart in a shallow grave near a marsh in the Allegan Game Area.

Teresa Lockhart's co-workers reported her missing to police after she had missed two days of work.

In his suicide note, Lockhart "expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness." He said that he and his wife had argued, and that he had snapped.

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Snapped? I've snapped at people and I haven't committed murder. That is no excuse. May almighty God have mercy on his soul for none of us will.


snapped means it wasnt premeditated. he didnt plan it. it was done in a moment of extreme anger.