Man In Car Runs Down 11-Year-Old Girl 'Because She Was White'

Steven Becky ran over a little girl with his car and then told police he did it "because she was white."

Draper, UT – Police arrested a 19-year-old man who admitted he purposely drove over an 11-year-old girl who was pushing her scooter up the street “because she was white.”

The incident occurred at about 8:30 a.m. on June 1 as the little girl was pushing her bright blue scooter south on S. Winged Bluff Lane, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Draper City Police Chief John Eining said Steven Ray Becky was driving his 2010 Volkswagen Jetta on the wrong side of the same road, headed north.

Court documents said that statements made by Becky after the wreck, as well as surveillance footage from the security cameras at the home in front of which they crashed, indicated that the man had intentionally struck the little girl, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Chief Eining said the surveillance video showed Becky made a “hard turn” into the girl.

Court documents said that Becky’s front bumper struck the child and then his vehicle flipped over, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

"This is not what I would describe as veered into the gal or drifted into the gal. My description would be turned into the gal,” the chief told reporters.

Clark Santos owns the home with the surveillance cameras that captured the horrific attack on the little girl.

“I got my cameras, not for this reason,” Clark Santos told KSTU. “I woke up because my phone was alerting me, some motion in my driveway.”

When Santos walked outside, he saw the aftermath of the crash.

“It was pretty bad. It was pretty horrific,” he said. “I see the girl laying down freaking out and all this mess.”

Ronald Cook, a witness who was at the scene, told police that right after the crash, Becky walked up to the girl in an aggressive manner and said, “We all have to die sometime,” KSTU reported.

Cook said that Becky tried to flee the scene of the wreck but he restrained him.

He told police that while he was holding Becky, the suspect admitted that he had been using drugs.

Becky told Cook that he had taken Xanax and used marijuana before getting into his car and purposely hitting the girl, according to KSTU.

When police arrived, Becky was uncooperative and behaved in an erratic manner.

The suspect told police he had run over the little girl “because she was white,” KSTU reported.

Becky showed no sympathy to the victim or regret for his actions when talking to law enforcement.

He was transported to the hospital where he told the doctor that he had taken LSD and mushrooms before he ran down the child, according to KSTU.

The 11-year-old girl was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Her injuries included a head injury and a fractured hip.

Chief Eining said Becky knew the little girl because she is friends with the child of a family member with whom he was staying, KSTU reported.

He was arrested and charged with suspicion of attempted criminal homicide and driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury.

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Let this maniac go through withdrawal without any medication, while he is in jail. And make him pay all medical expense for this poor little child, even if it makes him bankrupt. After all, he had the money to get the drugs and I would presume that he owned that car. And more than anything else, hopefully the judge will be a just and sane person and will sentence this $%*#&% to a long term for attempted murder with a callous disregard for human life. Then leave him to the tender mercies of the inmates.


Hang him and move on. We really need to get rid of the psychos and nut jobs in our society.


Assault with a deadly weapon...attempted murder....25 to life NO PAROLE

Mig Alley
Mig Alley

Drop the hammer, major big time, no mercy!!!!!


Some bleeding heart lawyer will blame it all on the drugs and deflect the blame from the dirtbag. No one is ever responsible anymore. With any luck he'll go to prison where the other inmates will gut him alive.