Man Holding Baby Hostage With Box Cutter Gets Fatally Shot By Trooper

A Kentucky state trooper fatally shot a man who was holding his own child hostage with a box cutter.

Williamsburg, KY – Police fatally shot a man who was holding his one-year-old child hostage with a box cutter on Monday.

Kentucky State Police said they got a call from a hysterical woman who said her estranged husband had taken their baby, WYMT reported.

Troopers arrived at the home located on State Road 1804 in Whitley County at about 11:30 am on Sept. 24, according to the Times-Tribune.

WYMT reported that 29-year-old Ronald Leach was holding his one-year-old child hostage with a box cutter in a car in the driveway when police arrived.

Leach ran into the house with the toddler, and attempted to barricade himself in.

A state trooper entered the man’s home and a standoff ensued, WYMT reported.

"The male subject then attempted to assault the trooper with a weapon," Kentucky State Trooper Lloyd Cochran told reporters. "That's when the trooper fired at the subject, striking him, killing him."

A Facebook post by the Kentucky State Police did not say what kind of weapon Leach used in his attempted attack on the trooper.

"It is bizarre, unusually, but unfortunately these types of things do happen," Trooper Cochran told WYMT.

Leach, who was from Jellico, Tennessee, died at the scene.

Whitley County Coroner Andy Croley said Leach died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and extremities, the News Journal reported.

Croley told the News Journal that he was shot three times and died instantly.

Neither the one year old nor the trooper were injured in the altercation.

Kentucky State Police have not released the name of the trooper who shot Leach, but said he has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, as is protocol for all officer-involved shootings.

The Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team was continuing the investigation.

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Great job officer. go home to your family safe and sound. stay strong, stay safe.


Thank you for saving this baby Sir.


I pray for the trooper and what he has to endure during the investigation. It appears he did everything correctly, but this incident will be in his memory forever. Pray he gets through it and is able to get help dealing with the tricks one's mind plays following such an incident.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Probable incorrect use of the word "hostage" here. A hostage is a person seized or held as security for the fulfillment of a condition. He might have been attempting to kidnap the child (until he returned the child to its home), but it does not sound like he held the child as a hostage.

Anyway, the investigation will go much smoother if the officer did not turn off his bodycam. Reserving judgement until I see the bodycam footage.


A difficult Job was done well by the Trooper, the child was a captive of its own parent intent on harm based on his actions at the time. I'm sure that the decision of the trooper will last with him for his lifetime, a true sheepdog. Thank you Trooper for your service and commitment to duty and the protection of innocent helpless victims and citizens.