Man Gets $280 Fine For Killing Two Law Enforcement Officers

A man who killed two members of law enforcement with his car in December ended up with only a ticket.

Rockville, MD – The driver who ran over two police officers who were stopped on the shoulder for a collision will walk away with a fine and a few new points on his driving record.

Maryland State Police Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office Sander Cohen and Federal Bureau of Investigation Supervisory Special Agent Carlos Wolff were both killed after 28-year-old Roberto A. Garza Palacios lost control of his vehicle on Route 270 near the Falls Road exit on Dec. 8, 2017, WTTG reported.

Agent Wolff, 36, had been involved in a crash with his personal vehicle, and Chief Cohen stopped to assist him at about 10 p.m.

Police said that Chief Cohen, 33, turned on his emergency flashers and positioned his vehicle to block off Wolff’s damaged one while he called officers for assistance, WTTG reported.

Investigators said that Agent Wolff and Chief Cohen were both standing outside their vehicles in the left emergency lane talking when Palacios came upon the scene.

Palacios, 28, told police he was in the left lane and tried to change lanes to avoid the stopped cars, but was blocked by traffic. So instead, he tried to go left around the vehicles.

He swerved left and hit both Agent Wolff and Chief Cohen, throwing them over the median’s dividing barrier and into oncoming traffic on the southbound side of the freeway, WTTG reported.

Chief Cohen died at the scene. Agent Wolff was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Palacios remained at the scene and cooperated with police, WTTG reported.

Investigators determined that neither alcohol, nor drugs, nor speed were factors in the tragic crash.

Palacios met with Maryland State Police in April and received a negligent driving citation that carried a $280 fine and three points, WTTG reported.

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Fake Outrage ALERT. Investigators determined that neither alcohol, nor drugs, nor speed were factors in the tragic crash. IT WAS ACCIDENTAL, Don't Fall the for the Clickbait.


"Clickbait"? A driver ends the lives of two people and you believe that a $280 fine is sufficient? Of course it was an accident, but drivers are responsible for driving with care and caution. They are responsible for driving at a safe speed. No responsibility, no consequences and no justice for the grieving families. I hope you never get stranded alongside a busy roadway and expect the traffic to avoid the inconvenience you are to their travels.


There's a section in all states called involuntary manslaughter. Or involuntary vehicular manslaughter. It may not be worded that way in some states but the definition is the same.

In plain English it's accidentally killing someone. Yes it's accidental. But the punishment must fit the crime. Because accident or not, it's still a crime.

The least they could of done is gave the charges to the DA's office and let them decide if they wish to charge the driver or not. But based on how this article reads, it sounds like the department handled it themselves and just gave a ticket for some vehicle code violation.

So no, there was no click bait here. You should stick to your, "Donald Trump changed his entire presidency with this one word" articles and continue to click there.