Man Claims Police Conspired To Cover For Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott After Crash

Ronnie Hill sued the Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott for $20 million, alleging Frisco police conspired with them.

Frisco, TX – A man whose car was totaled in a crash with Dallas Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott has filed a lawsuit that accuses the Frisco Police Department of conspiring with the football team to cover up the severity of the accident.

The wreck happened on Jan. 11, 2017 when Elliott’s Yukon ran a red light at Dallas and Gaylord Parkways and hit Ronnie Hill’s BMW, WFAA reported.

Hall’s car was a complete loss, but neither man went to the hospital with injuries afterward.

The lawsuit was initially filed in August of 2018 and sought $1 million from Elliott, WFAA reported.

The amended lawsuit filed on July 30 in Collin County also named the National Football League’s (NFL) Dallas Cowboys football team as a defendant and seeks $20 million in damages.

The complaint alleged that "...the Dallas Cowboys conspired with the Frisco Police Department to cover up the severity of the accident to assure that Elliott’s health would not be placed in question before their playoff game," according to WFAA.

Hill’s lawsuit alleged that Cowboys’ employees were at the scene of the crash.

He claimed that that if Elliott had been examined following the wreck, he would have been put in concussion protocol and missed the NFL playoff game that the Cowboys lost anyway four days later, WFAA reported.

Hill alleged in the lawsuit that he suffered permanent injuries and damages as a result of the crash and said he was seeking compensation for medical expenses, physical pain, mental anguish, and loss of income.

While the Dallas Cowboys didn’t comment on the pending litigation, the Frisco Police Department released a statement on Tuesday denying that it had conspired with Elliott, according to WFAA.

Frisco police said its officers followed the proper department policies and procedures with relation to the crash.

“This allegation is false,” Frisco PD said. *“*Both parties to the crash were offered medical attention and both refused. Emergency medical services were not requested by either party. Neither party was treated or transported.”

Elliott currently remains a hold out at the Dallas Cowboys training camp as he seeks a contract extension.

The former Ohio State Buckeye signed a five-year contract in 2016 that pays him an average salary of $6.2 million.

Elliott is set to make $3.8 million in 2019 and $9 million in 2020, according to The Sporting News.

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No..... if there was any conspiring, the guy who’s car got totaled would have gotten paid off under the table.


I agree,but it does sound like NFL team might have hid the crash so their star player could play. There an entire police dept would not conspire, we have too many good cops than we have bad ones. That's my opinion.


Sounds like someone who should have went to the hospital and got checked out. If you're in a car that just got totaled by a Yukon, you're either a lucky bastard or too stupid to go get checked out. Though the theory of not sending Elliott to the hospital has merit, it still doesn't excuse the plaintiff from seeking the medical care he apparently needed and didn't seek till he found out who the other driver really was.


He seems to be counting up injuries towards a settlement. Wouldn't that have required a trip to the hospital if he was hurt that badly?


Not necessarily. The brain keeps you going initially, then the real effects kick in. I know from experience. Shock is immediate, then that wears off and reality sets in. It does not take days, weeks or months tho, just a few hours max