Man Burglarizes House On Way To Meet Cops Ready To Arrest Him For Burglary

Tom Gantert

Man was late to meeting with undercover cops because he stopped to burglarize a house.

Portland, OR – A man suspected of burglary was late to meet with undercover police officers because he stopped to burglarize a home enroute to the meeting.

Eric Lamberton, 38, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of burglary after he met with an undercover officers to sell items he stole.

Lamberton was the suspect in a March 12 burglary where thousands of dollars worth of tools were taken, according to KPTV.

As police investigated, the stolen tools were found listed on a website for sale, KPTV reported.

The Portland Police Bureau’s Neighborhood Response Team along with other police officers were able to set up a meeting with Lamberton.

Police met with Lamberton at about 12 a.m. on Wednesday on the street. Police were able to identify tools that were inside Lamberton’s van as the stolen tools. Lamberton was then arrested, according to KPTV.

Officers then learned that Lamberton was late for the meeting with the undercover police officers because he had been burglarizing another home. Police also found items belonging to that other burglary inside his van.

Lamberton was booked and sent to the Multnomah County Detention Center. KPTV reported he had warrants on him from four counties.

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I’m sure he will be released within a few hours due to COVID19 🙄

No. 1-4

It’s going to get worse, they need to lock these pricks up and deal with the virus in the jails at least they can be locked down for quarantine, maybe it will take care a some death row or pieces of shit that don’t need to get out!


He got caught


No one ever said criminals were smart, not most of them.