Man Barges In Police Station, Beats Dispatcher After Finding No Police There

Clarksdale Police Dispatcher Barbara King was on duty at the station when Stacy Clark attacked and beat her severely.

Clarksdale, MS A Clarksdale police dispatcher was attacked and brutally beaten while she was working inside the police station on Sep. 5.

Clarksdale Police Dispatcher Barbara King was alone at the police department at approximately 7:30 a.m., when Stacy Clark came in to inquire about some property that he left in the building, WREG reported.

King notified officers about Clarks requests, but they were all out on patrol at the time.

For some strange reason, he accused her of lying to him, Clarksdale Police Chief Sandra Williams told WREG.

According to Chief Williams, King and Clark had not had any previous contact, WHBQ reported.

Clark barged into the dispatch center and began violently beating King, hitting her repeatedly in the face and body, according to WREG.

She managed to radio for help, then attempted to flee from her attacker, the Clarion Ledger reported.

"She tried to get away from him by going outside," but she was unable to escape, Chief Williams told WREG.

Clark continued to pummel King until officers arrived and yanked him off of her.

Kings injuries were so severe that paramedics hoped to transport her by air ambulance to a hospital in Memphis, but were unable to make the 75-mile trip due to bad weather, WHBQ reported.

She was rushed to a local hospital, but later had to be taken to Regional One Health in Memphis.

The assault left King with bleeding to her brain, multiple facial fractures, and a broken arm, WREG reported.

She underwent her first facial surgery on Tuesday, and her family said she has been in good spirits, according to WHBQ.

Clark has been charged with aggravated assault, and was denied bond during a hearing on Thursday, WREG reported.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, Chief Williams said.

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The chief and town manager should have seen seen this as a possibility with an unsecured department. This lady took one heck of a beating and still persevered! Blue tough! I hope attempt murder is not off the table.


Well the world has sure changed and I've been retired for twenty years but in my day he would not have survived arrest and shouldn't have. . .


This is the result of the media barrage against police, and authority in general. 10 years ago people had more respect for the police, and if that wasn't enough fear of arrest did the rest. Now all they have to do is say the police said/did something to provoke them and the media crucifies the police. Leading to huge windfalls for the criminals. Now it is more of a benefit to get into it with police than it is a hindrance.


Ok, let's be reasonable for a second, Tom1. I very much doubt this incident is related to the increasing culture of hatred directed at Police (which exists, nobody questions that). I don't see the link, and let me tell you why: take the most rabid Shaun King BLM follower/ghetto thug wannabe/antifa pussified excuse of a man, tell him to storm a police station by himself, and even if you find one guy suicidal enough to do it (you won't) he will not assault a nice civilian old lady manning the phones taking emergency calls. No, the most likely scenario here is that this motherfucking waste of oxygen is a severely derranged person who should be either in a padded cell recovering from the most savage collective beating ever recorded in human history, or straight 6 feet below ground.


It's irresponsible to leave a defenseless female employee alone in a police station to face an unpredictable and often dangerous public. Even fast food restaurants require at least two people work together during all shifts for safety reasons.