Man Barges In McDonald's And Opens Fire, Armed Father With Kids Takes Him Out

A citizen armed with a gun fatally shot a masked gunman who stormed into a Birmingham McDonald's and started firing.

Birmingham, AL – An armed citizen stopped a mass shooting at a Birmingham McDonald’s restaurant on Saturday night.

The incident occurred at about 10:45 p.m. on Oct. 27, just as the McDonald’s on Lomb Avenue was closing for the night, although a number of customers remained in the restaurant, reported.

Birmingham Police Spokesman Sergeant Bryan Shelton said the doors were already locked when the gunman approached the store.

An employee was unlocking a door to let a man and his two sons out of the restaurant when a masked intruder barged in waving his gun, reported.

WKRG reported that the masked man opened fire inside the restaurant.

That’s when the father pulled out his own weapon and returned fire, fatally shooting the masked gunman.

The gunman was transported to the hospital where he later died.

The Good Samaritan with a gun and one of his sons were struck during the gun battle, and both were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, reported. Both were expected to be okay.

There were no other injuries.

A witness who was going through the drive-thru when the gunfight broke out said she heard eight or nine shots ring out, reported.

The witness said that after the shooting started, she saw several people running away from the restaurant, including children. And then she heard two more gunshots.

Initial reports stated that the gunfight took place as the masked man was robbing the McDonald’s, but those reports remained unconfirmed, reported.

Sgt. Shelton said the father was not expected to face any charges for the exchange of gunfire.

"Right now it appears the [suspect] made a decision that cost his life and the father made a decision that preserved his and children’s' life,'' the sergeant said.

Birmingham was celebrating the Magic City Classic on Saturday when the shootings occurred.

"It’s really sad an otherwise positive day had an ending like this,'' Sgt. Shelton said. “Earlier we had such a spirit of celebration in the city because of the events going on and now families are having to deal with the tragedy of loved ones who are hurt or killed.”

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Perfect bedtime story, in my opinion. Glad to hear the father and son are doing okay. My well wishes to them.




Armed citizens at the synagogue would have prevented the carnage there. Just as it did in McDonalds.


Oh no! It can't be happening again! @Burgers Allday narrative falling apart at the seams..... :(


Another story with a great ending! Great job dad.