Man Arrested For Impersonating Cop, Yelling Racist Things At Activists

Daniel Sohn said he often poses as a police officer to get respect, he allegedly told investigators.

Los Angeles, CA – The Asian man wearing a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shirt who riled up Black Lives Matter protesters while flashing white power signs and yelling “white power” in a viral video has been arrested for impersonating a police officer.

The LAPD began searching for the man after he showed up at a Black Lives Matter protest outside of 24-Hour Fitness on Jan. 31.

Black Lives Matter was camped out in front of the 24-Hour Fitness to protest the 2018 officer-involved shooting of Albert Ramon Dorsey.

Witnesses said the man wearing a long-sleeved shirt with LAPD department patches on it was saying “White Power” over and over again to the agitated group, and making hand gestures to signify the same, according to KTTV.

One of the protesters filmed the altercation and posted it on Twitter.

“LAPD OFFICER REPEATEDLY YELLS 'WHITE POWER' & THROWS UP WHITE POWER SIGN as he antagonizes the family of #AlbertRamonDorsey and #BlackLivesMatter protestors this morning at #Boycott24 demonstration outside 24-Hour Fitness in Hollywood,” was the caption on the video posted by Black Lives Matter – Los Angeles.

Police said that officers attempted to make contact with the man in the shirt, but that he fled on foot when they approached him, according to KTTV.

“We have become aware of an incident involving an individual making racially discriminating remarks in front of a gym in Hollywood this morning,” LAPD tweeted.

Police asked anyone for information to contact the department.

“At this point it does NOT appear that the individual in the video is an LAPD Officer, but we will continue to investigate,” LAPD tweeted.

At approximately 12:10 a.m. on Friday, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies stopped to check the welfare of a man sleeping in a vehicle in the 1200-block of North La Brea Avenue, the agency said in a press release.

Overnight parking was prohibited on that particular business’s property, police noted.

The deputies identified the man as 36-year-old Daniel Sohn, KTLA reported.

“Deputies noticed the male was wearing a long sleeve shirt with ‘LAPD’ logo on the front and patches on the sleeves,” the sheriff’s office said in the press release. “During the [deputies’] investigation, they recognized the person from a recent video posted on social media. In the video it shows the same male they were speaking to claiming to be a police officer to a group of people.”

After the deputies verified that Sohn is not a law enforcement officer, he was arrested for impersonating a police officer, and is being held on $2,500 bond.

He allegedly confessed that he often poses as a police officer in order to gain respect, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Joana Warren told KTLA.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Melina Abdullah, who is also a California State University professor, said that the group is now calling for people to boycott the gym where Sohn harassed them.

"24 Hour Fitness bears some responsibility in this," Abdullah told KTLA. "They have a right to refuse service, and so we're calling on 24 Hour Fitness not to have white supremacists."

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I hope he sues
I hope he sues

Did ANYONE tell him that he wasn't white LOL

Lamont Cranston
Lamont Cranston

That guy is a dangerous fool!


BLM is FAR more than a bunch of victims. They preach hatred of white people, of cops of any color and would gladly kill us all for being "racist". We are all racist in their mind and they are UBER DANGEROUS. Anyone who is not aware of this is not paying close attention. They are the panthers of today.


The only thing he should be arrested for is impersonating a police officer. BLM has no right to point the finger at hate behavior!


Hey, the Asian guy wants to wear LAPD gear, that’s his choice. BLM didn’t know who he was and just harassed him Because of what he was wearing? And because they “thought” he was a police officer? What’s the difference if he was saying white power? Just because its being said to people who are black? It’s the same shit as they were yelling at him because they “thought” he was a police officer. You can’t get arrested for wearing clothes with a brand or logo. If I wear a Disney shirt does that mean I’m fuckin Mickey Mouse? Better yet, if I wear a BLM shirt does that mean I am part of BLM? Come on, there’s Asians, whites, and just about any other race that side with BLM. They were on this guy just because he had a LAPD shirt on? So of course the bottom line is the Poloce is who they’re after. Then just because he was saying white power as he is totally within his constitutional right, these fucking BLM idiots get all butt hurt. I don’t condone either side of this but I do know that BLM thinks they can say whatever they want, and when they are met with resistance or put in their place they pull the race card. Pathetic!!!! They should join a police force and they will soon find out that color has nothing to do with a criminal trying to kill you just because of the uniform you are wearing and what you stand for as a LEO. BLM is a bunch of bullshit lazy fucking people who try to sue and get money through accusations. Also, any real police officer knows, WHY WOULD YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW YOU ARE A POLICE OFFICER WHEN YOU’RE OFF DUTY? That’s the last thing I’d want them to know. And there are a lot of wannabes.



Too bad they didn't grab him. Then he would be off the street, and one or more of BLM would be too