Man Arrested For Felony After Slapping 12-Year-Old Boy Who Bullied Stepdaughter

James Peace was arrested for felony injury to a child under 15 on Monday night.

Deer Park, TX – The stepfather of a preteen girl has been arrested for allegedly slapping a boy who bullied her.

The incident began on Feb. 14, when a 12-year-old male classmate and his friend started harassing the girl while she was walking home from school, KTRK reported.

"Saying that her body was ugly, said that she was a transvestite, started throwing ice cream at her and then they picked up the rocks," said the girl’s mother, who did not want to be named.

The girl ultimately called her parents to come pick her up, so her stepfather, 37-year-old James Peace, jumped into his car and went to help her, the Star-Telegram reported.

Although the boys were gone when Peace arrived, Peace soon stumbled upon them walking on Santa Fe Trail during the drive home.

"On the drive home, they happened to see the suspect juvenile walking and that's when the stepdad decided to stop and confront the kid," Deer Park Police Lieutenant Chris Brown told KTRK.

Surveillance footage showed Peace as he got out of his vehicle and began yelling at the preteen boy.

Then, the enraged father struck him in the face.

"He was slapped across the face with an open hand, had red marks and swelling to his cheek and upper jaw," Lt. Brown explained.

Peace then allegedly threatened to beat the child up if he told anyone about what had occurred.

The following day, the boy told his teacher he was scared to go to lunch because he didn’t want to see Peace’s stepdaughter, KHOU reported.

The 12-year-old ended up telling his teacher what had occurred the day prior, and Deer Park police were subsequently notified.

A witness later told investigators that she saw Peace “reach back and strike the boy in the face, and that the boy just stood there in shock and never retaliated,” the criminal complaint read, according to the Star-Telegram.

The officers also spoke with the girl at her residence, and she told them that Peace slapped the boy after he bullied her, KHOU reported.

Peace initially told officers that nothing had occurred, but later confessed to striking the boy after investigators told him that the encounter was recorded by a nearby surveillance camera.

He was arrested on Monday evening for felony injury to a child under 15, and was later released on $15,000 bond, the Star-Telegram reported.

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My twins are fraternal. They are adults now but one has always been larger than the other. They don't even have the same hair and eyes colour. While in middle school riding the bus home the smaller one was attempting to get off at their stop. A girl had her leg across the walkway and refused to move it. Every time he tried to step over it she would raise it and kick him in the crotch. The bigger one stepped back on the bus to see what was keeping his brother. The driver was yelling at my son to quit playing and get off the bus. He tried to tell her what was going on and she laughed because he couldn't step over her leg. The bigger of the two saw the situation and whisper to his brother that he was going to slap her. He said it will distract her and he could get over her leg. He said he had tried threats to no avail and her face was the only part of her he could reach to hit. Which I personally had no problem with. It worked and he was able exit the bus. The driver told brother she was reporting him for slapping a girl. She did and the school at first suspended them for 5 days for fighting. She was not suspended. When I spoke to the disciplinary principal all he wanted to say was but he slapped a girl. After he and I watched the tape together and he cringed every time the smaller one was kicked in the ground, he decided a day for all parties involved was enough. But it's not always that way.

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Gap Filler

The kid got what he had coming to him - end of story. Leave everyone else out of this.


Why didn't the boy go to his parents instead of his teacher. Could be because the parents would have known that there son deserved it. I dought that it was the first time that he bullied someone. Know the law is making it a Federal Offense protecting the bully and not giving a crap of the fear that the girl went thru. Know the bully has more credit as Bullying under his belt and promise you he'll work his way up to murder if he doesn't get his way. I give the girls father a job well done in protecting your daughter because apparently he's not getting a raising from his parents and the school has most likely ignored his previous bulling episodes where they should have intervened because one day one of those being bullied may go on a shooting spree at the school for ignoring his being bullied then they as usual will blame it on guns as usual and call again for gun control while again ignoring the truth of the bullied students that can't take it anymore. TGE REAL PROBLEM PEOE IS THE BULLYING. GET THE BULLIES OUT OUR SCHOOLS AND ENROLL THEM INTO A BOOTCAMP STRUCTURED SCHOOL TO GET THEM ON THE RIGHT TRACK TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE INSTEAD OF THE DISTRUCTIVE LIFE HE'S HEADING FOR KNOW.


Go beat the hell out of his dad!


The parents of the boy should be slapped instead and they can pass on the appropriate "wisdom" to their child.