Man Arrested Following Knife Attack On Crowd

Numerous people were hospitalized after the knife violence attack.

Indianapolis, IN - A suspect has been arrested following a knife attack on a crowd that has left people fighting for their lives.

The incident started at around 4:30 p.m. at the American Legion Mall on East St. Clair Street, according to WRTV.

A victim told Indy Star that she was outside with family and friends when a man on a bicycle rode up and started playing a siren on a bullhorn.

The victim said that she and a friend asked him to stop because her friend had epilepsy and she was afraid that it would trigger a seizure.

The man, later identified as Gary Madison, 57, pulled a knife tried to stab the pregnant victim and her friend.

Numerous men jumped in to stop the attack, and four were stabbed. The men were able to detain the suspect until police arrived.

"He stabbed all three of my cousins who tried to defend these women and me" the pregnant victims said, according to Indy Star.

Indianapolis Fire Department PIO Rita Reith told WRTV that two of the victims are in critical condition, and two suffered serious injuries.

WRTV reports that Madison was booked on three felony charges of battery by means of a deadly weapon.

The incident remains under investigation and more charges may be added. No motive for the attack has been released.

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I guess you're not keeping up with what's happening in the UK, Cheech. What ThinBlueLine wrote is 100% accurate.


@Eaglescout Hey look, sport, a knife was used as a weapon in an attempt to kill someone. See what happens to someone who tries to disarm a person with a knife without using a gun?!