Man Arrested After Multi-Agency 100+ MPH Pursuit While Driving Child To Hospital

Darius Hinkle said he was arrested after speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Centreville, IL – An Illinois father said he blasted down the roadway at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour while police pursued him, as he rushed to get his choking toddler to the hospital on Thursday.

By the time Darius Hinkle and Donecia Pittman reached Touchette Regional Hospital with their one-year-old daughter, he had collected a slew of police officers who had been pursuing them for miles with their lights activated and sirens blaring, KTVI reported.

Hinkle admitted that he does not have a driver’s license and ignored the police, but said his only focus was getting help for his daughter, who was choking on a penny.

“The first thing in my mind was to get her to the hospital,” Hinkle said. “That’s my daughter. I wouldn’t want nothing to happen to her.”

When they pulled in at the hospital, they were surrounded by officers from multiple jurisdictions who didn't know why the suspect was fleeing from them.

Police then ordered the couple to exit the vehicle with their hands up, Pittman told KTVI.

“I got out and I put my hands up and I yelled and I told the police, ‘My baby is choking!’” she said. “They was just worried about that fact that we were speeding.”

While the toddler was being treated by hospital staff, Hinkle was placed under arrest and hauled off to jail.

Doctors ultimately determined that the little girl would be fine.

When Pittman finished at the hospital and went to go bail Hinkle out of jail, she ran into another woman who was trying to do the same.

“I didn’t know who it was,” she told KTVI. “She said, ‘I’m the nurse from Touchette Hospital.’”

Pittman then learned that a group of nurses who treated her daughter had pooled their money to post Hinkle’s bail.

“I can’t even thank them enough,” Hinkle said.

Hinkle later blasted the officers who arrested him in a Facebook post.

“How could saving somebody life [my daughter at that] is worth going to jail over?” he railed in the post. “If you had or got kids you would’ve did the same least that’s what he told me when I got took to jail.”

“How could I be wrong for doing something that you said you would do too if it was yo kids wtf? That sound crazy!” Hinkle wrote. “My child in my arms & we get guns put to our head & shit like we just killed a mf or sum…somebody tell me where I went wrong!!”

“That s--t bogus as a mf doe gee,” Hinkle noted.

His supporters assured him that he did the right thing, and that the charges against him would be dismissed because he was “not guilty.”

Others urged him to try to get the officers who arrested him fired.

Do you think that Hinkle's driving was appropriate, or should he have called an ambulance? We'd like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.

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A few years ago - when my daughter was daughter was dating her now husband, she went from texting her daddy about the football game to catatonic. Her boyfriend texted me, I said give her sugar. I've had her pass out before. Two friends were there with them that were nursed - they said hospital ASAP - He drove them, they rode with them with their emergency cards in case they got stopped. On the Interstate, he did go 100 mph - no one was around, he got her there very quickly. The nurse friends were able to go back and help with her in the ER, we arrived quickly after. It becomes a one minded thing - get to the hospital NOW. He carried her in and put her on the gurney, stayed with her for 2 days, curled around her head on the bed to sleep - I knew then that he loved her deeply and they would marry one day. It was scary. He got her to the hospital faster than any ambulance could have. The two nursed kept signs on her and checking on her -- it all depends on where you are and the situation. Lordy, I have more... and the car rides and experience of those in the car (back in the day) were better and faster than an ambulance. You don't know until it is your own. I swear.... that is the truth, especially when you live out in the middle of freaking nowhere.


Where I used to live... Ambulance was, at best 20 minutes out - at BEST. My dad called, having a heart attack, and I almost beat the ambulance, they were only a few minutes ahead of me and I lived further away. Police??? 40 minutes at best. It is freaking scary when it is your child and your fight or flight takes over. He was single minded - go to the hospital for help. YES- I agree 1,000% an officer could have helped. Many are EMT trained as well, or could have called for an ambulance OR given escort to the hospital. As a mother, having lived in a remote place, I'd have done whatever was possible to get my child to where I knew she could get help. Single minded mission. When my dad had his heart attack, at first is was just chest pains, I went ahead of the ambulance, they were just going lights. I was pretty far ahead of them. When I saw them suddenly flying up the road, lights and sirens, I pulled over, then got right on their tail. MY DAD was in that momma was already dead, he was all I had left (he died).... damn if I was gonna let him out of my sight. The emt driver got on me for blowing signals and stop signs (my 4 ways were on following them) The paramedic told me I did the right thing, he was crashing and crashing fast. You just don't know. And until it is YOU and YOUR Loved One you don't know what the hell you would do. I had no police, I had the Ambulance - and I still lost him. Life and death can be a one track mind thing.


I agree with every condemnation of this jackass and his rational for putting others lives in danger over a lack of common sense.


911 isn't exactly new, ok so once the police car pulls behind you and lights you up pull over after all they can bring all the help you need if not even drive your child and you in their police unit. But no that all makes to much sense . He could have even used a cell phone and called into the police department and advised the police dispatcher what the emergency he is having. But all of these options are not as good an idea as speeding then fleeing from police . Idiots just can't keep out of their own way.


How about pulling over and letting the police drive her to the hospital if it was really a life threatening event? Driving 100 mph only put a lot of lives at risk. Bad judgement in the part of the father. Police did nothing wrong.