Neighbor Shoots Man Stabbing Toddler To Death

A neighbor shot a man who was actively stabbing his son to death.

Lewisville, TX A neighbor shot a man as he beat and stabbed his 16-month-old son to death Sunday.

Witnesses called police at about 12:40 p.m. and said a man was beating and stabbing a child in the courtyard of the apartment complex, according to KTXA-TV.

The man put his son on the ground and stabbed him multiple times, according to witnesses.

A man watching from the second-story balcony fired three shots and hit the father in the leg to stop the attack.

When police responded, they found a child with severe injuries and a man with a gunshot wound in his leg, according to KTXA.

The father and son were transported to the hospital and the son later died.

The father was arrested. The person who shot him will not be charged, according to KTXA.

The information we have is that the suspect came out of the apartment carrying the child, and he was yelling some very loud, random things about religion and Jesus is coming,' said Lewisville Police Department Captain Jesse Hunter, according to KTXA.

Ive been in law enforcement for over 20 years, and this is probably the worst call Ive ever been on in my career, said Cpt. Hunter, according to KTXA. Were still all pretty confused on how something like this could happen.

The 16-month-old boy was identified by the Tarrant County medical examiner as Ashton Ness, according to the Dallas Morning News. The boys name was removed from the medical examiners website a few hours later.

Police said there were no prior calls to the apartment where the father and son lived and there were no reports involving the states Child Protective Services.

Police said the mother lived at the apartment with the man and her son but was at work at the time of the attack, according to KTXA.

Residents were shaken by the attack.

Scary to hear something like that happened so close to home, said resident Trista Bishop, according to KTXA. It gives me goosebumps and chills just because its awful.

Ciera Mills lived in the apartment complex and said shed see the father and occasionally greet him.

"He was pretty normal," Mills said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "For this to happen is unbelievable."

Eduardo Carranza, a neighbor, said he ran out of his apartment when he heard the gunshots.

"He was talking nonsense," Carranza said about the suspect, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Carranza recorded a video of police dragging the suspect out.

You can see that video below:

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Well, we know that little boy is safer where he is now - up in heaven - it's just horrifying to think of his last few moments of life here on earth at the hands of the man he called "Daddy".


OMG so sorry for the baby, but better off where he is now. Poor little thing. OMG so sad, i'm crying reading this. How horrible for the man who tried to save him and the LEOs who all have to try to live with what they saw (this is what can and does cause PTSD). The man was, obviously, mentally ill and/or high on drugs. Hopefully, the mother did not know the baby's father was either of those and left the baby with him anyway.


Kudos to the man who stopped this nut job, I just wish that they could have stopped him before he killed the baby. I hope the child is at peace and know they are finally safe from their father. As for the PERP ?? I hope he rots in jail till he dies or the inmates give him what he deserves . I also hope he doesn't get off on an insanity plea !

Fearless Foe
Fearless Foe

The father makes me ashamed to human, but the neighbor does the race proud. I'm saddened the boy died. I hope the father gets life without the possibility of parole.


Hard one to read.