Lawsuit: School Officials Told 14-Year-Old Girl She 'Got Herself Raped'

A lawsuit claims school officials told a 14-year-old female student she 'got herself raped.'

Lee’s Summit, MO – A school district is being sued over claims that officials failed to act after a middle school student said she was raped.

KCTV reported that the district’s superintendent resigned a day before the civil lawsuit was filed.

The law firm Humphrey, Farmington and McClain filed the lawsuit earlier in July.

The lawsuit alleges that a 14-year-old female student was taken into a boy’s bathroom by a male student at a middle school and was sodomized and raped in December of 2017.

The lawsuit alleges that more than a dozen employees failed to report the assault and then retaliated against the student who said she was raped, according to KCTV.

Attorney Michael Kilgore said that school officials told the girl she “got herself raped” and it was “her fault.”

The lawsuit also alleges school officials told the girl the rape was “all in her head” and she could get over it if she would “face her fears,” according to KCTV.

The district’s response further traumatized the girl, Kilgore said.

“She from day one has told the adults in her life that this contact was not consensual,” Kilgore told KCTV. “These adults in the school system have a responsibility to react.”

Lee’s Summit police said a criminal report was filed and then given to the prosecutors at the time of the incident, according to KCTV. Charges were not filed.

The school district disputes many of the allegations in the lawsuit, according to KCTV. The district said it couldn’t give its account of what happened due to student privacy laws.

School district officials told KCTV they are prepared to defend themselves in court. The district said the lawsuit names several employees at a middle school, board members and a former superintendent.

The attorneys for the female student are asking for more than $15,000 in punitive damages.

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She should be asking and GETTING 15,000,000 if what she says is true. Again, if true, this is one of the most odious stories I've read on here and I hope that some really bad things happen to those "adults" who did NOT act. I'll be waiting to hear more about this...


SORRY but I have some questions: How did she get into the BOYS Bathroom? Was she dragged? Did she fight? Did she scream? Why wasn't she IN CLASS? Before I will convict a boy of RAPE I want to know if the SEX was FORCED! Her ass should have been IN CLASS not in the BOYS bathroom! I want to know why and how she got there.


"over $15,000" just means it goes to superior court, it doesn't mean that's all she's asking for.


I remember how things were in high school. They are a lot worse now. However, based on the failure of several school administrators to report this, I am pretty sure she was known as the school slut. Probably not her first time in the Boys room either. Nothing else explains the blatant disregard for the law by school officials, especially in a Middle School. The statutory rape laws don't apply in MO. If it was consensual, then no crime was committed. So you have his word against hers and she did end up in the Boys bathroom, without anyone hearing her screams. Not saying what they did was right. They should have reported it to local police and let the investigation ensue. I'm sure that;s why the superintendent quit.

question evrything
question evrything

school officials told a 14-year-old female student she 'got herself raped.'

WTF! way to victim blame! POS school officials DO your fucking job! so why do we have cops in schools any way? they can't seem to protect the students or keep them safe! they real good at running and hiding when a kid is shooting up the school! they real good at beating, chocking, tasering and arresting kids in school!

of coerce the suspect is probably someones GOLDEN BOY, which would mean the kid can do anything and get away with it.