LATEST: 9 Officers Caught In North Haven Explosion

Authorities have given an update on the North Haven explosion which injured a SWAT team.

North Haven, CT - Officials have confirmed that nine officers were injured when a barn exploded at a domestic violence scene Wednesday night.

The incident started when a call came in at around 7 p.m. Wednesday for a domestic violence situation with a barricaded man at 385 Quinnipiac Avenue, according to FOX61.

The suspect's wife fled the house and SWAT officers surrounded the home.

A group of SWAT officers were breaching the exterior barn when it exploded in a giant ball of fire.

Nine officers were transported to the hospital in fair condition.

First responders stayed throughout the night fighting the fire which was being fed by a gas line.

Officers didn't know the location of the suspect, but they were able to locate human remains. Authorities have not yet confirmed that the remains belong to the suspect.

Over 100 first responders had responded to the scene while it was active throughout the night.

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Prayers to the injured peace officers.


I hope the human remains found will be the body of the perp, so that he can't hurt or terrorize anyone again. Praying for the injured officers.