VIDEO: Officer Fatally Shoots Blood-Soaked Man Charging Her With Knife

A veteran Las Vegas Metro police sergeant fatally shot a man who was stabbing the mother of his children.

Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released harrowing bodycam footage that showed a police sergeant shooting a man who was stabbing the mother of his children (video below).

The incident occurred just after 9 p.m. on Aug. 8, when police were called to an apartment complex on Tropicana Avenue, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Hes in the house. Hes cutting her up, a frantic woman told the 911 dispatcher in an audio recording released by the department. You need to send somebody out here now!

Oh shes screaming! the caller relayed as she watched the horrific scene unfold. Shes running Hes got her outside! Hes got her by the neck! Hes got her pinned!

The caller said the womans attacker was covered in blood.

As she watched the officer approach, the caller suddenly witnessed the man stabbing the woman yet again. A moment later, he switched targets.

Hes going after the cop! the caller screamed.

Las Vegas Metro Police Sergeant Daniella Cino, 34, was the first officer to arrive at the scene.

Upon arrival, she saw a man later identified as 30-year-old William Fuller actively stabbing the woman with an eight-inch kitchen knife while he straddled her on the ground, KSNV reported.

Get off of her! Sgt. Cino commanded as she jumped out of her vehicle, the bodycam video showed.

The sergeant rushed over to the altercation and drew her weapon as Fuller stood up to face her, his shirt soaked in blood.

Drop the knife! Sgt. Cino repeatedly ordered.

Leaving the woman in a crumpled heap on the ground, Fuller began walking towards the sergeant, waving the blade in his right hand as he advanced.

Sgt. Cino continued her commands as she backed away from the armed man. He then charged towards her, at which point the officer opened fire.

Fuller was rushed to Sunrise Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, KSNV reported.

The unnamed woman Fuller attacked was also transported to the hospital, and has since been listed in good condition, Metro Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

I believe Sgt. Cino acted bravely and decisively, Sheriff Zimmerman said. Her actions prevented a woman from being killed in a domestic violence incident.

Fuller and the woman had four children together, all of whom were inside their shared residence when the attack occurred, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

The children were uninjured.

According to Sheriff Zimmerman, investigators believe the woman might have been ending her relationship with Fuller before he tried to kill her, KSNV reported.

You can see the confrontation in the bodycam video below:

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Good! One less killer.


I wonder if Fullers family will sue the police dept.


Body Cams are the solution to police misconduct. Sharpton's sad


Some ignorant fool will come on here and question de-escalation, less-lethal, ad nauseam. This video is your answer. Shit happens fast, not like in your fairy-tale world. Good shoot.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Looked like a good shoot to me.