JUST IN: NYPD Officers Find Suspect Stabbing Two Female Security Guards, Take Him Out

An NYPD officer fatally shot a suspect who was stabbing two female security guards.

Bronx, NY - NYPD is investigating an officer-involved shooting after police fatally shot a man who was stabbing two female security guards.

The incident happened Monday night at a shelter in the Bronx at around 7:30 pm when officers responded to a report of an assault.

The officers arrived to find a man stabbing to female security guards, according to ABC7.

The officers opened fire, permanently relieving the man of his duty to appear in court.

One officer was injured in the incident. The details of the officer's injuries have not been released at this time.

The two female security guards are expected to survive their stab wounds.

The suspect is expected to remain dead.

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The Usual Suspects?


Glad the cops will be ok.
Where is retard from nyc fox ch5 street soldiers who criticize the cops? Where is race baiter sharpton, eric adams pot stirrer? Oh thats right these cops saved 2 lives from death.
Welcome to the day and the life of street cops. Great job guys. You are heroes and should be commended for it.