JUST IN: Idaho Officer Shot In Traffic Stop Gun Battle


A Coeur d'Alene officer was shot during a traffic stop of a wanted felon.

Coeur d’Alene, ID – A Coeur d’Alene police officer was shot on Tuesday night while he was attempting to make an arrest during a traffic stop.

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White said that the officer had been able to sit up and talk prior to being taken into surgery.

No updates were yet available as to his condition on Wednesday morning. The officer's name has not been released.

The incident occurred on Feb. 27 at about 7 p.m., when a Coeur d’Alene field training officer, and the rookie he was training, made a traffic stop near the intersection of Government Way and Hattie Avenue, The Spokesman-Review reported. A third officer arrived on the scene after they stopped the suspect, but before the shooting occurred.

Chief White said that the officers learned there was a felony warrant out on the driver, and so they attempted to arrest him, KREM reported.

The suspect opened fire on the officers, and the officers shot back at the suspect.

One officer was wounded. He was transported by other officers to Kootenai Health, KREM reported.

The suspect was fatally shot and pronounced dead at the hospital, Chief White said at a press conference late Tuesday night.

A gun was found at the scene, the chief said.

“I’m not prepared to say how many officers fired their weapons or anything like that at this point,” he said. “We are in the infancy of this.”

The chief said the rookie officer at the scene of the shooting had been on the department since August of 2017.

Initially, police had believed there was an active shooter at the scene, and neighbors were instructed to take cover in their homes, KREM reported.


Witnesses described a Wild West-style shootout in the street.

“Heard about 15 gunshots, then I came around the corner and the cops were having a shootout,” said Chris Moore, who lives a few houses down from the spot where the shooting happened, according to The Spokesman-Review.

“Then my neighbor called and told me that [the suspect] was laying in their backyard,” Moore said.

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prophetess anna
prophetess anna

i pray to the ALMIGHTY GOD THAT THE OFFICER WILL BE OK.---why is it, people feel a need to have guns, why???

G man LV
G man LV

If this guy was willing to shoot at an officer of the law. Imagine what he would do to a citizen. We need armed citizens.


To defend ourselves from criminals like these who will find guns no matter what laws are made...seriously?


There are a lot of good people who carry, for defense of themselves and their loved ones, to be able to neutralize a threat to the general public, and last but definitely not least, to help LEOs. People kill with cars, knives, etc ... do you want to ban those, too??!?


Bad people will always find a weapon - anything from a rock, a pencil, a rope, their own hands ...