JUST IN: Cop-Killer Steven Wiggins Captured

Authorities have announced the capture of Steven Wiggins, the man who allegedly murdered a sergeant in Dickson County.

Hickman County, TN – Law enforcement apprehended the man believed to have murdered Dickson County Sheriff’s Sergeant Daniel Baker early on Friday morning.

Steven Wiggins, 31, who had been the subject of an intense manhunt, was found by a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper on Pumpkin Branch Road, not far from where police say he fatally shot Sgt. Baker on Wednesday, The Tennessean reported.

“From my understanding he was laying on the side of the road,” Hickman County Sheriff Randal Ward told The Tennessean.

Authorities from multiple law enforcement agencies had been searching for Wiggins since May 30. As of Thursday evening, the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the cop killer had reached $46,000, FOX News reported.

On Friday morning, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) posted a series of tweets announcing his capture, along with photos of Wiggins’ arrest.

According to TBI, Sgt. Baker, 32, was killed when he responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle at around 7 a.m. on May 30.

After Sgt. Baker responded to that call, dispatch was unable to reach him again.

A search was launched for Sgt. Baker and, using the GPS on his patrol vehicle, an officer located him deceased in his police car with a gunshot wound, near the boundary line between Dickson and Hickman counties, a couple of miles from where the suspicious vehicle was reported.

The sergeant had been fatally shot.

The suspect, identified from video evidence as Wiggins, fled the scene.

A massive manhunt manhunt was launched for him, the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office said.

Police had already arrested Wiggins’ girlfriend on Wednesday evening, 38-year-old Erika Castro-Miles, in connection with Sgt. Baker’s murder, FOX News reported.

WTVF reported that Castro-Miles was listed as Wiggins’ girlfriend in police reports, and that she was initially just detained for questioning.

However, the TBI later said they believed Castro-Miles participated in the incident, and charged the woman with murder.

Police said that Castro-Miles called police the day before Sgt. Baker's murder and said that she’d been assaulted by Wiggins, WTVF reported.

Officers responded to a residence on Luyben Hills Road where Castro-Miles told them that Wiggins had slapped her and pulled out her hair, and then fled in her car.

Castro-Miles told officers that Wiggins had said he would kill her if she called the police, according to WTVF.

CBS News said he was already wanted on charges for assaulting Castro-Miles and stealing her car on Tuesday when he murdered Sgt. Baker on Wednesday, according to a report from the Kingston Springs Police Department.

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ON EDIT: did a little research -- if what the police are saying is true, then they had good probable cause to arrest the girlfriend.



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No problem, JBo. I know you would do the same for me. So, I guess at this point it looks like this was a meth induced crime. I think Wiggins should do some time. Not sure what the girlfriend is guilty of. Not sure whether one has a duty to report a murder or not. Doesn't particularly sound like she helped with the slaying or with the escape, but maybe.


@JBo, you just unwittingly made a new friend. And Bugger just made his first friend.


“Not sure whether one has a duty to report a murder or not.” Seriously???? I think my I.Q. just dropped 50 points. YES, YOU HAVE A DUTY, A MORAL OBLIGATION, TO REPORT A MURDER! Dear Lord, where has our society gone to, if this is even a QUESTION???