Jury Strips Biker Gang Of Trademarked Logo, Cops May Get To Seize Jackets

A federal jury ruled that a motorcycle gang should lose the use of its trademarked logo.

Los Angeles, CA – A federal jury on Friday ruled that a well-known, violent motorcycle gang should be stripped of its trademarked logo.

The jury in the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana had already found the Mongol Nation guilty of racketeering and conspiracy, FOX News reported.

Mongol Nation is the name of the Mongols’ leadership group that owns the logo.

The verdict was the next step in a case that has been going on since prosecutors announced the charges against 77 of the gang’s members in 2008, according to the Associated Press.

Next, the forfeiture must be approved by a federal judge.

There’s no plan for enforcement of the verdict other than a suggestion in the original complaint, from more than 10 years ago.

According to a 2008 court filing, if the forfeiture were approved, it would allow police to stop a gang member and “literally take the jacket right off his back,” the Associated Press reported.

The gang’s logo is an image of a Genghis Khan-looking person wearing sunglasses riding a motorcycle with the club name below.

The logo may only be worn only by club members, according to the gang rules.

U.S. Attorney Steve Welk told the jury that Mongols members are “empowered by these symbols that they wear like armor.”

The Mongols were founded in the 1970s by a group of Hispanic men who were said to have been rejected by the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club, according to the Associated Press.

Many of the Mongols members have been convicted on drug charges and for assaults.

Prosecutors said that killers in the gang are given a special skull and crossbones patch.

The Mongols’ attorney, Joe Yanny, said the ruling was a government overreach and called it was “the death penalty” for the biker gang.

Yanny also said the ruling didn’t make much sense to him, according to the Associated Press.

“If you were a law enforcement officer and you knew there was a gang out there and they had emblems on that identifies who they are, why in God’s name would you want to take them off of them so you couldn’t know who they were?” the attorney asked. “It’s the stupidest thing.”

The Mongols are expected to appeal the ruling.

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"Prosecutors said that killers in the gang are given a special skull and crossbones patch".

Ralphie-"But Mommmm,.... I don't want to wear a skull and crossbones patch!!!!!".

Mom -"Hmmmph....Your aunt spent a lot of time making you that nice patch . Ok, No desert for you tonight little Mr.Biker. Now go to bed !! .....and no backtalk or I'll wash your mouths out with soap...

..and don't you give me that look Ralphie".


Taking a jacket right off the back of one of these savages could be dangerous for an officer. I would advise caution.


If somoene said "kill them all", Would the comment get the hypothetical individual thrown off this forum?

Ragnar von Berlin
Ragnar von Berlin

They have done this here, in Berlin (Germany) Hells Angels, Bandidos, Gremium, and I believe Mongols, have all been banned from wearing club patches. What difference it makes is hard to tell. Same faces, same groups, same behaviour, just different jackets.

Paul Kersey Jr.
Paul Kersey Jr.

I like it.