Judge Tells Accused Rapist To 'Knock It Off' After He Starts Sobbing In Court

Uber driver Mayanja Daudah pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape in Boston Municipal Court on Monday.

Boston, MA – An Uber driver accused of repeatedly raping a passenger early Saturday morning sobbed throughout his arraignment hearing on Monday.

“Could you please knock it off,” Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard Sinnott told Mayanja Daudah at one point during the hearing, according to the Boston Herald.

The 37-year-old father of 12 had been working as an Uber driver for just two weeks when he picked up a female passenger from a bar in Somerville, KSTU reported.

As he was driving her to Boston, he allegedly reached over and placed his hands down her pants, according to WCVB.

The victim said Daudah pulled over on Storrow drive, and sexually assaulted her again.

The woman managed to escape from Daudah when her phone rang, according to WBZ.

“The ringing of the cell phone, for whatever reason, allowed the victim to get out of the car,” Suffolk District Attorney AlexaRae Wright said during the hearing.

A bystander allegedly saw her running by, crying hysterically, with her pants unbuttoned.

While he was in police custody on Sunday, Daudah spoke to WCVB over the phone, and maintained his innocence.

“She said that ‘I’m ready to do anything because today’s my special day,” he told the news outlet. “She was drunk, smoking marijuana, very high.”

"That information that aired outside is wrong and false," he added. "She jumped from the back seat to the driver's seat. When I pulled over, she jumped out from the car, [and] I left the scene.”

“I called my bosses because, after, I noticed that she left her bag inside my car,” Daudah continued. “I called the Uber offices to tell them about the situation.”

Massachusetts State Police (MSP) received a report of the alleged sexual assault at approximately 1:15 a.m.

"About 15 to 20 minutes after calling the Uber offices, I received a call from the police," Daudah told WCVB. "She reported to the police that somebody, the driver, tried to rape her."

He said he immediately drove to the MSP barracks, where he provided them with a statement.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of rape, and his bail has been set at $100,000, KTSU reported.

Daudah has no prior criminal record, according to the Boston Herald.

An Uber spokesperson said that they immediately terminated Daudah’s access to the app when they learned about what had allegedly occurred, KTSU reported.

“What’s been reported is horrible and something no one should ever go through,” an Uber spokesperson told the news outlet. “We stand ready to support law enforcement with their investigation.”

Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) originally placed a detainer on the Ugandan-born citizen on Sunday, but later determined that he is “not subject to removal at this time.”

“ICE will continue to monitor his criminal proceedings,” the agency said.

In the meantime, Daudah must surrender his passport, and will be required to wear a GPS monitor if he is released on bail.

According to his defense attorney, Daudah is a widower with 12 children, including three sets of twins.

He is due back in court on May 1.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said that more needs to be done to help keep rideshare users safe.

“I honestly think we have to take a serious look at maybe fingerprinting people,” Walsh said.

The Cambridge Police Department (CPD) has already taken steps to help protect rideshare passengers, and riders are now able to contact 911 using the rideshare app on their phones.

“They’ll be able to see the make, the model, the driver, all that information, without the passenger even saying a word,” a CPD spokesperson told WBZ.

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If he has no criminal record, than fingerprinting won't help. However, this will likely turn into a he said-she said, as she might have been under the influence, and it is very difficult to prove an accusation didn't happen. However in today's society, men are charged in the press, and convicted in the court of public opinion, and have their lives ruined over an accusation.

But something doesn't smell right... he called his boss to report she left her purse in the car, as well as uber... and once the cops contacted him, he immediately drove to the MSP? doesn't sound like the actions of a man who just sexually assaulted someone.

Although this situation is a great example for how all uber drivers should install camera's in their cars, just like many cops and taxi's have.

But 12 kids, and 3 sets of twins???? props for working to support them.


Daudah later contacted the accuser to tell her she’d left her belongings in his car. “He contacted the victim while the victim was in the presence of police and the police asked if he would report to the police station with her belongings,” Wright said. “He acknowledged that he was in fact the driver of this young woman and he gave his own version of events different from what she had said.”

Giampietro argued to conceal Daudah’s face from news cameras, telling Sinnott, “We allege, and the police report seems to mention, that she was highly intoxicated and/or using marijuana.”

Giampietro told Sinnott the accuser had climbed into the front seat, which Daudah was not comfortable with.

“At some point along the drive, he pulled over and told her that he did not want her to smoke marijuana and she got out of the vehicle,” the defense attorney said. “Thereafter she fell down and he waited.”

yeah, something doesn't sound right about t his whole thing, and it will come down to he said / she said..... and one party was high as a kite and drunk as a skunk, so is their recollection going to be reliable?

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Judge sounds pretty cold.


sounds to me like a lying drunk bitch.


ICE can't deport him because he is on an active student visa - probably on the 10 year graduation plan like many other foreign nationals. ICE recently ran a sting where they created a non-existent college, and over a hundred foreign students wanted to come for the visa. Last year another African Uber driver was charged near Boston for for rape of a passenger, but the FEMALE liberal judge set low bail and let Frederick Amfo sneak out the back door to avoid ICE. He was here on an expired student visa. After the public outrage, this Ugandan Uber driver wasn't getting low bail.

CNN found over 100 Uber drivers had been charged with sexual assault in four years.