Judge Releases Repeat Gun Offender On Orders To Write Report On Gun Violence

New York City Civil Court Judge Ellen Edwards ignored prosecution's request to hold Ismail Abraham on a high bond.

Brooklyn, NY – A Brooklyn gang member who was caught on video trying to ditch a stolen gun was released from jail on the condition that he write a report about gun violence.

New York City Civil Court Judge Ellen Edwards ignored prosecutors’ requests to hold “G Stone Crips” member Ismail Abraham on a $25,000 bond for his most recent offense, the New York Post reported.

Instead, she imposed a homework assignment and an 8 p.m. curfew on the known gang member.

Abraham, 18, has four previous arrests, all of which have been sealed.

At least two of those arrests were for gun possession offenses that occurred in the past year, according to the New York Post.

“It just goes to show you how out-of-touch these judges are,” said a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) detective who formerly worked in the neighborhood where Abraham was arrested.

“She should have to sit in jail until he finishes the report,” he added. “She probably won’t have to make plans for a long time.”

According to court documents, Abraham was arrested at approximately 4:20 p.m. on April 16 after police saw him tossing a loaded, .38-caliber handgun onto the ground outside a residence on Newport Street while he tried to run away down an alley.

The act was also captured by a nearby security camera, police aid.

Investigators later determined that the gun had been reported as stolen in Chicago.

But Edwards cut Abraham lose at his arraignment hearing the very next day, and ordered him to write up the “report on gun violence in the community,” the New York Post reported.

It is unclear when the gangbanger’s assignment is due to the court.

Abraham’s grandmother said that she doubts that Edwards’ book report requirement will do anything to set her grandson on a better path, the New York Post reported.

“He is messed up,” she said. “It must be the weed he is smoking that makes him so crazy.”

She said Abraham was expelled from school in 2018, even though his father offered to pay him if he would simply attend classes.

He refuses to listen to anyone, including his uncle, who is a corrections officer, she added.

“We are thankful and grateful that the judge is giving him a second chance. But it’s up to him,” Abraham’s grandmother said. “That’s my grandson. I want him out of the gang, but he is sticking to it.”

Edwards did not respond to requests for comment in Abraham’s case, but a spokesperson in her office said that the circumstances of his release were “well within [Edwards’] discretion,” the New York Post reported.

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Buahaha! Hahahaha.


When you have decision makers, representatives, DA's, etc. from the hood, you get hood sympathy results. The scumbag's own grandmother knows the "judge" made a bad call.


Out of touch ? Yes , absolutely, of course , .......but add a combination of naive, incompetent, ignorant , unethical, corrupt and showing preferred racial bias .....It is wise to avoid voting in members of this community into any official office. They will repeatedly avoid the rule of law, regulations , and policy as it is written, make it up as they go along, appearing incapable of removing race from their own decision making while trying to correct perceived or imagined "social injustices" ,..... and will then sit there dumbfounded and unaware..... or just actually lie outright when finally confronted. How many examples do you need to see? 2 ? 5? 10? When do you say to yourself "enough"? Remember these examples when it comes time to vote. Remember to speak out at civic , municipal or state meetings. Keep track of your own tally if you doubt what is mentioned here.


An 8 PM curfew and a report? That'll show him that NY justice is swift and punitive!


Bold strategy for reform, let's see if it plays out. I'm rooting for him