Judge Rejects Plea Deal For Mom Who Sexually Abused Her Daughters' Boyfriends

Coral Lytle had sex with both of her daughters' boyfriends, who were high school freshmen at the time.

Visalia, CA – A female child rapist who expected to be sentenced for 21 felony sex offenses on Monday will now likely be headed to trial.

Coral Lytle, 41, had previously pleaded guilty to nearly two dozen sex offenses in anticipation of receiving an indicated sentence of five years of probation with a six-year suspended prison sentence, KFSN reported.

According to court records, Lytle plied her two teenage daughters’ boyfriends – both of whom were high school freshman – by providing them with alcohol and cigars.

She would then drive to Visalia from her home in Tulare to have sex with the boys, both of whom were under the age of 16 at the time, prosecutors said.

One victim said that he and his girlfriend’s mother had sex on three occasions, the last of which occurred in October of 2017.

“[He] stated this was the last time he had sex with Defendant because he felt bad shaking Defendant's husband's hand knowing what he was doing with Defendant," prosecutors said.

Lytle’s husband filed for divorce nearly immediately after her arrest in October of 2017.

The couple has four children together, Heavy reported.

"The crimes in this case committed by the defendant involved great cruelty and callousness especially considering the defendant took advantage of a position of trust to molest two boys who she met when they [were in] teenage dating relationships with the defendant's daughters," prosecutors said, according to KFSN.

Lytle was charged with four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, four counts of meeting minor for lewd purposes, four counts of contact with minor for sexual offense, and nine counts of lewd act upon a child, according to court documents.

She pleaded guilty to the offenses as part of a plea agreement, and expected to be sentenced to one year in jail, followed by five years of probation, KFSN reported.

But when she showed up to court in Tulare County for her sentencing on Monday, the judge informed her that, after reading a report from probation, he did not agree with the plea agreement.

"Most of the time, when a court makes an indicated sentence, the probation report will follow the indicated sentence," Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos told KFSN. "There are times the probation report will recommend a sentence that is not what was indicated."

Because of the judge’s refusal to follow the plea agreement, Lytle has the right to withdraw her guilty pleas.

“She is obviously shocked and dismayed. She thought this was over,” Lytle’s attorney, Greg Hagopian told The Fresno Bee. “She was ready to take on the stigma of a conviction and now she has to keep coming back to court.”

Lytle, who is not currently in custody, is scheduled to appear for a trial setting hearing on April 22.

The judge who refused to sentence Lytle on Monday is retiring, so a different judge will be taking over the case.

Hagopian said he plans to ask the judge to honor the original plea agreement.

“The court made an offer and she accepted it,” the defense attorney argued.

Lytle faces up to 17 years in prison if convicted on all 21 counts.

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Most sex offenders are women. Most young boys keep quiet so those pedophiles are never prosecuted. A few years ago a 75 year old Foster mother was arrested and imprisoned. She always requested boys from 10-14. They are often hard to place. Best estimate is she abused every one she ever kept (well over 300).


I'm sick of this. As a mom of both girls and a boy, I don't care who did that to my kids. Male or female pedophiles are still pedophiles. Same crime, same sentence. They should all be de-sexed.


Why is it when women do this kind thing they get maybe a few months in jail but usually probation, but if a man did this stuff to underaged girls he'd be looking at 20 to 40 years. Huge double standard


Yes I'm a 73 year old man and I'll my adult life I had heard that men are the sexual aggressor but this is a big lie. There are more female sexual pedophiles than male. As males mature both mentally and physically the females are less likely to attack them. That's the main reason they attack the younger males. But the punishment should be the same for both. This is one crime that should have minimum sentences so judges can't give soft time.