Judge Refuses To Sign Warrant For Dog Torturer In Viral Video

The judge who refused to sign a warrant for a dog-abusing teen has been replaced on the case.

Baton Rouge, LA – A Baton Rouge juvenile court judge refused to sign a warrant for a teen who was recorded on video torturing two dogs.

Juvenile Court Judge Pamela Johnson’s refusal to sign the warrant sparked outrage across the country, with thousands of people demanding the judge be replaced, according to media reports.

The Humane Society had scheduled a protest outside the courthouse prior to Johnson's removal from the case, according to WBRZ-TV.

Almost 103,000 signatures had been gathered via online petition by the time the change was made.

After the outrage spread, the judge was replaced on the case.

WAFB-TV reported that the juvenile's mother has been served with a court order to appear before a new judge.

However, information was not available about who made the decision to remove Johnson and the name of new judge.

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi had been very critical of Johnson for not signing the warrant, WAFB-TV reported.

“A warrant was put together with the evidence including the video, statements from other witnesses, and a positive ID of the juvenile defendant by the family and other witnesses,” Sheriff Stassi said.

The sheriff said information was brought “to a judge in Baton Rouge and, at this time, she refused to sign the warrant where we could bring this young man to justice.”

The video showed a young man grabbing the leashes of two small dogs, then pulling them off the ground and swinging them around like helicopter blades.

Then the video showed he let go of the leashes, and the dogs were flung into the middle of street, where they let out squeals of pain as they slammed into the pavement.

Police said they had found the owners of the dogs, and the animals had recovered and were doing well.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore released a statement about the case on Jan. 11, and said state law restricted authorities from talking about specifics of the case because the suspect was a juvenile.

“I can affirm that the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office has filed delinquency petitions against a juvenile alleging cruelty to an animal, a misdemeanor offense,” Moore said.

“Juvenile matters are confidential unless they are statutorily enumerated as a crime of violence. They are also closed to the public,” Moore explained in the statement. “Under Louisiana law, this offense is not classified as a crime of violence. Therefore, no further comment can be made as to this particular offense, the alleged offender and the specifics of this case.”

“Rest assured, we will zealously pursue this matter through final adjudication,” he promised.

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You can see the video of the animal abuse below. (WARNING: Disturbing Content):

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"Under Louisiana law, this offense is not classified as a crime of violence"..hmm maybe the law needs to be looked into!?

Why would a judge not what an individual to be punished with this kind of action? I thought that young people who perform these kind of acts are known to go on to be serial killers.


Fuck! Anyone that can do that shit to an animal is an evil POS!


When you are raised not to have respect for anyone or anything this is the type of behavior you will witness. It all boils down to how they were brought up and who was guiding and teaching them right from wrong. In may cases you will find the child was born out of wedlock and raised by a mother who couldn't give a shit if her child was raised by the streets.


Yes, Louisiana law must be changed to protect these animals. How do we know this kid is not abusing these helpless souls indoors? Animal lovers in Louisiana must fight and get the law changed.