Judge Astacio Jailed Again Without Bond, Still Collecting Her Almost $174k Salary

Judge Astacio is still receiving her almost $174,000 annual salary, despite the alleged probation violations and ongoing court case.

Rochester, NY - After vowing to violate probation, Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was back in front of a judge on Monday, facing seven new allegations of probation violations.

Violations include failing to perform the duties she was assigned in the Hall of Justice, while she is precluded from sitting on the bench

Judge Stephen Aronson denied bail for the seven alleged probation violations, and Astacio was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

She'll remain in jail until her previously-scheduled hearing on November 3.

Gregory Salmon, one of Astacio's attorneys, told WHEC News that he wanted the hearing date moved "to immediately," and he wanted his client released on bail.

He said he plans to sue the manufacturer of the alcohol monitoring device on Astacio's behalf.

The latest, updated probation violations were filed on Friday, according to Ontario County Assistant District Attorney Zach Maurer.

He said that there had been "an amended violation of probation filed that includes new allegations against Ms. Astacio."

Two of those probation violations occurred when Astacio left Monroe County to go to del Lago Resort & Casino without her probation officer's permission.

One condition of Astacio's probation is that she remain in Monroe County, unless she is granted permission to leave, either from the court or her probation officer.

Acting as if regular laws don't apply to her, Astacio informed her probation officer on September 29 that "she would not pick up a travel permit when she traveled," and she didn't.

Data from her interlock ignition device confirmed the travel violations, according to 13WHAM.

She also had three previous probation violations, for which the November 3 hearing was initially scheduled.

One involved travel out of Monroe County. Another happened when she registered a 0.127 BAC on her ankle monitor.

The third violation was another report by the court-ordered alcohol monitoring device, but she claimed it was set off by her "alcoholic foot cream."

On Monday afternoon, Astacio's attorney asked the court to dismiss all of her probation violations.

Judge Aronson promptly denied the request, and remanded Astacio to jail without setting a bond, pending her next hearing on November 3.

"I think probation is appropriate. But of course we reached a certain point where if she isn't going to comply with the terms and the conditions that are imposed, an alternative may need to be sought and unfortunately the only alternative we have is incarceration," Maurer said.

Astacio is alleged to have committed her first probation violation on the day she was released from jail.

On October 26, the New York State Judicial Conduct Commission will hold a hearing to consider administrative sanctions over her failure to perform her duties, while still taking a paycheck.

Hall of Justice employees in Rochester said that Astacio has not been to work since August 31, and that she had a doctor's note.

She is still receiving her annual salary of almost $174,000.

Astacio's legal troubles began when she was arrested for DWI in February of 2016 and has refused to obey court orders ever since.

At that time, she was pulled from hearing cases, and reassigned to "chambers work" by the supervising judge.

In August of 2016, Astacio was found guilty of DWI, ordered not to drink alcohol for a year, and to have an interlock ignition device in her car.

Astacio's court appearances thus far have not been dull , with her attorney informing the judge that their client had no intention of complying with the probation given to her.

You can see the video of that sentencing below:

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Why hasn't there been a recall on her yet?


Because shes black and a female


She should loose her license and all benefits. None of us could get away with that.


She is getting what she should. she thought because she was a judge she should be treated different??? Then disregards the judges order. To bad so sad.


"Alcoholic foot cream"?