Journalist Who Called Cop 'White Supremacist' Has Warrant Issued For Her Arrest

Jenni Monette has failed five alcohol tests, and failed to show up for two more, after she was arrested for DWI.

UPDATE: Jenni Monette's warrant was quashed at a hearing on 05/14/19. Jury selection for her case is scheduled to start in July.

Santa Fe, NM – A warrant was issued for the arrest of the “award-winning journalist” who launched into an expletive-filled tirade and accused police and liquor store employees of racially profiling her.

Jenni Monette – who goes by the name of Jenni Monet – also claimed she was brutalized by police during her driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrest outside a liquor store on Old Pecos Trail on April 5, KRQE reported at the time.

Monette was later released from jail on various conditions, including the stipulation that she not consume alcohol, according to KRQE.

But court records indicated that the journalist was found to have alcohol in her system in violation of her release conditions, resulting in the warrant for her arrest being issued.

Out of the 13 alcohol tests she completed, Monette allegedly failed five times. She also failed to report for two tests altogether.

Monette said she had nothing more than a Cesar salad.

The journalist’s initial arrest occurred after she drove to the liquor store to purchase two bottles of wine, KRQE reported at the time.

The employees said that Monette appeared to be intoxicated, so they refused to sell her the alcohol.

But Monette alleged that the staff “racially profiled” her, and that they refused her service because she is “a brown woman.”

After being told that she would not be allowed to make the purchase, Monette went back out to her vehicle.

A moment later, she stormed back inside the store, and began screaming at the staff.

Surveillance footage from the store showed her lashing out and making obscene gestures at the employees, who then called the police.

Monette marched back out to her car, where she also placed a call to law enforcement.

A Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene, and made contact with Monette as she was sitting in the driver’s seat of her vehicle with the door open, bodycam footage showed.

At one point during their conversation, the deputy asked Monette if she had been drinking.

“No,” she replied.

“Okay,” he said. “How come I can smell a really strong odor of alcohol?"

"I don't know,” Monette insisted. “I've not been drinking.”

The deputy asked the journalist what the liquor store employees had done that led her to believe she had been racially profiled.

“Because I’m a brown woman,” Monet said, gesturing to her face. “Do you not see that?”

The deputy eventually asked Monette to perform field sobriety tests, at which point she grew irate.

"I'm not walking any f--king line for you! You hear me?” she screamed at him. “I am not walking any f--king line for you!”

The deputy and additional officers then placed her under arrest.

“Police brutality! Police brutality!” Monette yelled repeatedly.

She called one officer a “fat-fingered f--k,” and her tirade continued as she was placed into the back of a patrol car.

“You f--king racist motherf--ker!” Monette screamed. “You f--king white supremacist!”

She was hauled off to the Santa Fed County jail on charges of resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer, and aggravated driving while intoxicated, according to jail records.

During an interview with KRQE on April 11, Monette alleged that she was racially profiled by the deputies who arrested her.

"I'm an award-winning journalist and… I said that to these officers, and they didn't even run an ID check on me or check my name, or even validate the fact that I had called them for help,” she told the news outlet.

“I am one of a majority of people who are victimized by this kind of racial profiling that exists on a daily basis," Monette continued. "Neither was I drinking or driving at the time, and we're confident that the evidence that stands in my favor will vindicate me.”

She allegedly threatened to sue KRQE for airing her story, according to the news outlet.

“I’m an award-winning journalist,” she said in an audio recording with KRQE. “You can look me up. Jenni Monet. Go ahead.”

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"Monette said she had nothing more than a Cesar salad."

That's why you have show proof of age when buying salads now days.


Golly, I wonder if she will loose her job over this, bummer if she did. Nothing worse than a drunk........women seem to be the worst.


Liar. How can anyone trust her reporting!


Poor me syndrome!

Bad Bob
Bad Bob

I swear, on my mother's grave, I've only had two Caesar's salads.