Internet Obsessed With 'ICE Bae' Who Doesn't Actually Work For ICE

Holly Matkin

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer Kiara Cervantes said she wants to inspire others.

McAllen, TX – A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer has become an internet sensation after video footage of her providing security for Vice President Mike Pence during a recent border visit went viral.

“Holy s--t! #IceBae is real and she fine AF! WTF?!” one Twitter user commented. “I think I'm coming down with a case of undocumentation!”

On Sunday, 26-year-old CPB Officer Kiara Cervantes took to Twitter to confirm that she is the officer seen in the images, which had already led to her being dubbed “#IceBae,” FOX News reported.

“#IceBae could detain me for however long she wants,” another Twitter user commented, according to the New York Post.

Despite her new nickname, Officer Cervantes is not affiliated with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

CPB has confirmed that Officer Cervantes works for their agency, and said they have no problem with her newfound fame, FOX News reported.

“CBP does not restrict employees from participating in social media for personal use,” a CBP official told the news outlet. “As we have previously said, CBP employees are held to the highest expectation of conduct, both on and off duty and must adhere to CBP’s standards of conduct.”

Although some of Officer Cervantes’ initial photos and video posts explaining who she is have been removed from Twitter, she posted new videos on Wednesday.

“First and foremost, thank you. Thank you to everyone who’s supporting me,” the officer said. “I kind of just want something positive to come out of this, if anything. I want to reach out to younger women to show them — to work hard, to get an education…to be kind, to be humble. Because all of that goes a long way.”

Officer Cervantes described herself as a “respectful” and “kind person,” and said she is trying to focus on the positive feedback she has received as opposed to the negative.

“I don’t let the negativity get to me — even in this day and age with social media, it’s crazy. You have people attacking you from everywhere,” she said.

“If anything comes out of this, I want it to be positive,” she added. “I want to inspire somebody to be a strong, educated, hard-working woman, man — anybody. That’s pretty much it. That’s all I want to come out of my 15 minutes of fame.”

Critics blasted the Latina officer for working for an agency that enforces the nation’s immigration policies, Newsweek reported.

"Felt cute, might destroy the lives of immigrant families later," one Twitter user wrote in response to one of Officer Cervantes’ selfies.

"How great that a petite Latina is front and center in what the left labeled a concentration camp run by Nazis?" another commenter quipped. "@kiarace24 is about to become the counter-protest poster girl for the GOP."

“This country is a mess, we are praising and trending #IceBae when she is literally a guard at a CONCENTRATION CAMP, guarding CHILDREN IN CAGES, RIPPING FAMILIES APART AT THE BORDER. you’re all sick, honestly,” another Twitter user wrote.

One social media user referred to the officer as “literal scum,” and said that her parents should disown her, Newsweek reported.

“I think that's really rude and naive of you to say,” Officer Cervantes responded. "You have no idea who my parents are and no idea what goes into my job on a daily basis…Before speaking on something you know nothing about... DON'T. Regardless I'm blessed and thankful for the career I have.”

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I know I'm in Love with Cervantes.


She better watch what she does on social media, haters, stalkers, and just plain crazy people will be all over her. Other than that, not bad at all!!!!


She's very cute. On the other side of the coin, and I know this will be taken wrong, but the men on the other side of the fence are what's coming here illegally at 100k a month and I didn't see familys, women or children, just scary looking men.


The guy in the Adidas shirt is undressing her with his eyes.


"U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer Kiara Cervantes said she wants to inspire others."

Yes, Ok, I am truly inspired. .....


She is one awesome lady, and Officer. I am very surprised that CBP leadership is backing her play. I LOVE the AOC meme above!!!


This shows just how stupid men are. So because some think she's hot, I don't btw, now thousands of men are going to take to her and make her into some sort of super star that she does deserve. I'm glad she serves, but she's no star. If she was fat, none of this would be happening, again, people in general are stupid.