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@burgerallday why do you keep thinking anyone cares what you post? Everyone knows you know absolutely NOTHING about being a police officer. So your attempt to sound like you have pertinent information, just proves you're an idiot with nothing important to say.

Go walk the walk, do the job! THEN come back with your opinions. Until then you just keep proving what an ignorant troll you are.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Think, if you’ll indulge me, of your last significant encounter with a police officer.

Every encounter I have had with a police officer has been uneventful.

Pulled over for speeding numerous times. They let me go with a warning, every single time, gave me a caution to slow down and told to have a nice day.

Got pulled over for making an illegal U-turn. I had not seen the sign. It was really cold, and my battery happened to die during the stop. Got my ticket and cop called someone to come jump us.

When I was 20, I went down town to get my marriage license. I brought exactly enough to pay for it. When I left the courthouse, I realized I needed $3 to get out of the parking lot. Whom did I go ask for money? A cop, who gave it to me. He would not give me info to pay him back. I hope he is reading this.

Was in an accident as a passenger. Broke my sternum and stuff. Cop got us help that arrived in less than five minutes.

I could continue, but none are really interesting. It's probably because reasonable, respectful, law-abiding, and civil people like me tend to have rather boring encounters with the police, or "po-po" as you call them.

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is with you.

Most police officers are exceptional people who protect and serve with honor.