Instagram 'Star' And Friends Create Active Shooter Scare During Arrest

Instagram celebrity 'Woah Vicky' was arrested while at a mall with her friends, who then started an active shooter scare

Greensboro, NC - An Instagram "celebrity" and her friends kicked off an active shooter scare at Four Seasons Town Centre mall on Saturday, and the incident was partially captured on video (video below.)

Victoria Waldrip, AKA "Woah Vicky," has over 1.4 million Instagram followers after spending two years self-identifying as being black, and uploading videos such as "The Lotion Challenge" where she eats a spoonful of lotion.

The 17 year old was at the Four Seasons Town Centre mall on Saturday when, for reasons unreported, mall security and police officers repeatedly asked her to leave.

She refused to leave, and was arrested. Part of the arrest was captured on video (below).

The Blast reported that during her arrest, Waldrip resisted and kicked an officer.

According to The Blast, a police spokesman said, “Subsequently several other juveniles inside the mall began running around and screaming. As all that was transpiring an unidentified individual shouted something about shots being fired and panic ensued throughout the mall. GPD received multiples calls of shots fired and/or an active shooter in the mall."

The active shooter scare was later reported by WXII.

Video from the scene appears to show her friends also getting arrested, but The Blast reports that Waldrip was the only person arrested.

Victoria Waldrip is being charged with trespassing, assaulting a law enforcement officer, and obstruction, according to The Blast.

You can see videos of the incident below:

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