Inmates Who Throw Bodily Fluids At MI Corrections Now Get 5 More Years


Michigan prison inmates who throw food or bodily fluids at prison employees will face felony charges.

Lansing, MI – Prison inmates who throw food or bodily fluids at corrections officers will be subject to a five-year felony sentence, the Michigan Department of Corrections has announced.

Inmates who expose themselves to corrections officers for sexual gratification were also included in the law.

The Officer Dignity Initiative was the collective effort of the Prosecuting Attorney Association of Michigan, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), the Michigan State Police (MSP), and the Michigan Corrections Organization (MCO) prison employee union, Prison Legal News reported.

In January of 2017, the coalition released a video that shed light on the assaultive conditions corrections officers faced on a daily basis.

“The Officer Dignity Video captures all the great work MCO and the coalition did to shed light on the hidden realities and difficulties of corrections work,” Andy Potter, MCO Vice President and Chief of Staff said, according to the MDOC website.

You can see the video below.

“In addition to giving a voice to staff members who have experienced these assaults first-hand, it reminds all employees that someone has their back and what happens to them inside the walls matters,” Potter said.

They discussed the gut-wrenching and degrading reactions they experienced when inmates attacked them with urine, feces, saliva, and blood, which they called being “dressed out.”

"Being 'dressed out' is not something that should ever be considered a part of the job. It is a crime and one that robs our employees of their dignity," MDOC Deputy Director Ken McKee said, according to WDIV.

“Our staff members need to know that when they are assaulted, we will do everything possible to ensure the case is handled correctly so that it can be turned over to MSP with the goal of seeing a prosecution,” McKee said.

In February, administrators began posting signs on prison grounds that reminded inmates about the potential penalties.

You can see the Officer Dignity video below:

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I think they should do this at every prison.


Good....what took so long??????


It's about damn time!!! This should apply to everyone!! Like the woman who threw her urine in a bus drivers face. 5 years minimum all the way around!! And don't just talk about it, enforce it.
Not like the 3 strikes rule that they no longer enforce!!


Long overdue, but a good start. Hard to treat a prisoner with respect and dignity when they can turn around and splatter you with their own bodily waste. Now it is time to restore some dignity to the cops on the street. If they were called to a scene where someone was verbally abusing another, that person would either stop their abuse or be arrested. The officers deserve the same dignity as Joe Citizen! When we want to call on Police to be respectful and professional, they should be able to expect respectul treatment in return!