Indiana Police Seize Stash Of President Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills

Police recovered a stash of orange, President Trump-shaped Ecstasy pills in Vice President Pence's home state.

Peru, Indiana – Drug traffickers in Indiana have given the “Make America Great Again” slogan a whole new meaning with Ecstasy pills that look like President Donald Trump.

Police recently conducted a drug interdiction campaign that involved officers from nine law enforcement agencies in north central Indiana, according to a press release from the Indiana State Police.

Officers ran “saturation patrols” on U.S. 31 in Miami and Fulton counties with excellent results, WTHR reported.

"Operation Blue Anvil" was tasked with enforcing traffic laws, and in the process, catching drivers who were using their vehicles to transport illegal narcotics through Indiana, according to WTHR.

The successful mission netted police 129 arrests on nearly 300 criminal charges over six days in a two week period in June, the press release said.

Officers found and seized a variety of drugs that included cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana edibles, MDMA, and prescription drugs during the well-planned operation.

There were additional drugs recovered during those arrests that have not yet been identified, WTHR reported.

But the most unusual pill police recovered stood out more than the others in the stash, so to speak.

Officers seized a quantity of Cheetos-orange Ecstasy pills shaped to look like President Trump, with the words "GREAT AGAIN" stamped on the back, according to pictures of the pills that were released by the Indiana State Police.

It is not unusual for drug traffickers to create uniquely shaped or colorful pills and packaging as a marketing technique to encourage return shoppers, according to the Associated Press.

The state police declared the saturation patrols a success in the press release.

"Police officers want the patrols to serve as a reminder to drivers to follow all traffic laws for the safety of everyone utilizing Indiana’s roads. The patrols should also serve as a warning that police officers will utilize all of the resources at their disposal to catch and arrest the few who transport illegal drugs," Indiana State Police Sergeant Dan Prus said.

Sgt. Prus said the patrols were scheduled to match peak summer travel time, as they have been for the past eight years, WTHR reported.

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Oh wait one second! According to a troll on this site the police only target black men and do nothing to stop the above mentioned drugs from being sold. What the heck is going on here?! I'll have to contact who's ever in charge of this operation and demand that they go back to arresting only black drug dealers in urban areas.


Drug name for Ecstacy. It's in the article.


What is MDMA?


So are cops going to change MDMA to the "bad drug" now that marijuana is close to being legal everywhere?

The government should save themselves a bunch of money and make it medically legal. It already has proven its positive effects on PTSD.