In my 25 years of service as a LEO in the NYC area i will never accept this as an excuse for murdering anyone, including LEOs. Putting Terry v Ohio to the side in this particular case. It is called reasonable cause to believe. The officer maintains reasonable cause to believe until proven otherwise. The officer did not know who or what it was in that SUV, she had cause to believe the worst until proven otherwise. Until the suspect, the vehicle and the surrounding area has been declared "safe" for everyone including the officers? It is unsafe! Force is always ready. The fact that the several thousand pound SUV was careening at the officer? That in itself is justification to deploy DPF. It was not justification for the suspect to aim the SUV at the officer. Running away? By charging the SUV at the patrol unit and the officer? Interesting! The fact that the SUV was crushing the officer to death? When was this "little 16 year old boy" going to figure out that he was slaughtering another human being? Before or after the SUV bounced over this dying officer's body? When? As he sped down the road? When? As he dodged through streets until he got himself cornered? Ignorance to the law is and never will be a reasonable defense in any "true court". He was committing numerous felonies because he is a felon with a record. He did not want to go to jail... he ran the officer over and ran away from fear of being busted.

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16 y/o should be purged from the earth. Federal electric chair.