If you fear for your life as a cop, you have no business being an officer. You have the weaponry, the courts, the public support, funding out the butt, the training, the courts to hide behind and your own website to maintain your "Klanish" philosophy. Since this nation is armed to the T, we don't need law enforcement> Its become an elite club that ventilates its angst on anyone that won't bow to your authority. This is why citizens do not and will not cooperate with law enforcement. So enjoy your club membership while it lasts. You forget this nations full of people with absolutely nothing to lose because your police brethren already took that support away! My dad was a deputy who used his job to beat our mother and pull knives on her. I have uncles and cousins that are US Marshalls after 911 and they never talked like you officers on this post. Change your websites name to NOLIVESMATTER because thats where this is heading! You are all being filed away with the Golden State Killer because he too believed in killing for sport. Its also insulting to law enforcement when you lower yourselves to counter the BLM. If law enforcement cannot control their own, someone else will. As long as your a lego in the war philosophy neither blue lives or black live matter!