I want to tell you GOP rebel flag confederate honky crackers a story:

  1. Creativity will always matter. When you can approach a problem or a challenge from your own individual and singular viewpoint, using your innate weirdness and the personality that sets you apart from anyone else in the world who cannot live inside your head, youll reach creativity.

No ideas have to be completely original, but a good idea is always a creative combination of several others that have been mashed together, turned upside down and reinvented.

When you attempt to run in sync with what you see as the mainstream, with the worker in the cubicle next to you who always says and does the right thingrather than the raw thingyoull never be able to embrace that creativity.

The best solutions, ideas, products, they dont come from conventional thinking.

They come from a creative twist that only a totally passionate weirdo could have come up with. Thats what you have to try to foster. If you stamp it down, youll be suppressing any chance you might have had to be remarkable.

  1. Hiding from yourself is going to hurt. If you try and turn yourself into a stranger, someone you dont truly recognise when you look in the mirror and see grey where there used to be vibrant colour, sooner or later thats going to hurt you. It will crush you.

Youll start to lose any kind of value in your life and you wont feel comfortable in your skin.

Thats no way to live. Its no way to be. Its no way to exist. When you start to lose the pieces of you that give you a fire for life, sooner or later that fire goes out.

I dont want to be there when that happens to you. Its sad, its hard and its painful. Hiding from yourself is the surest path to self hatred, self pity and a whole lot of missed potential.

  1. Its not worth the regret. Do you want to look back in 30 years and point to all the times you blended in? Are those your glory days, your finest hours? When you spend your time on this rock bottling up your own personality, you will lead a life of regret.

Regret that drives people away and gives bitterness the empty space it needs to move in and make itself comfortable.

Regret that prevents you from being proud of your life and taints the memories, turning what should be your moment to stop and rest into a nightmare.

Regret that makes anything you did achieve seem empty and pointless, compared to the life that you know you could have lived if you had only opened up and let yourself out.

Regret that wakes you up in the middle of the night by whispering those two dreaded, hated words. What if.

  1. Authenticity always shows. When youre not trying to hide away the real version of yourself, people will respond. When youre demonstrating authenticity, not some contrived personality, thats when you find a way to reach out and connect with other human beings.

Im a huge fan of letting it all out there. Allowing the world to see the real person inhabiting your skin, rather than the image that you want to project. And Im not saying that I dont play a part too.

Everything I do is playing out a different part of my personality. But every part is always based on something genuine, something that comes from me. My Dad used to tell me that he thought I had no true personality.

The reality was, I had so many different personas that I could pick and choose between them for whatever situation I was facing. But in every one of them, I was connected with who I really was. And thats authenticity.

  1. You need to be weird to tell a story. The oldest art that humanity has ever engaged with is storytelling. Weve been doing it ever since we first developed the ability to communicate with eachother.

Why do you think so many ancient texts have resonating, similar themes? They were based on the viral stories we were telling at the dawn of time. That probably sounds like marketing bullshit.

But the fact is, everyone communicates through the art of a shared story.

That first salutation in the office on a Monday morninghow was your weekend?its the default question because it invites a story, and creates common ground.

When you embrace your weirdness and your passion, youll be ready to share the stories that are personal, the ones that are close to you, the ones people really give a shit about and want to hear.

Youll be able to communicate those stories in a hundred different ways.

  1. The greatest creatives were weirdos. The people you truly look up to are fully aware of their passions. This is a fact. They could be entrepreneurs and founders, or comic book artists, or speed metal musiciansevery creative is a passionate weirdo. If they werent, the world would be missing a lot of colour.

Henry Ford, Michael Bloomberg, Douglas Coupland, Salvador Dali, Gertrude Steinthese are passionate people. And their passions drove them to do things that affected my life. In immense ways.

You dont have to be them. You dont have to be a founder or a full time artist. But youd be mad to ignore their accomplishments, and the things that they were able to achieve through their passions. Its a sign that following and maintaining yours is a good investment.

  1. Nobody really gives a shit. Youd be surprised how accepting other people can be, when theyre presented with somebody who is a little different. Sure, there are always going to be a few total assholes, but I've discovered most humans are extraordinarily capable of showing love. And being OK with eachother.

You might think that your passions are going to set you too much apart, put up a barrier between you and other people. Generally, thats not always the case. People will probably find your passion interesting. They will want to learn more.

Nobody really gives a shit if youre in your late 30s and still play Pokemon. They might not totally get it, but it wont stop them from respecting you professionally or wanting to associate with you. Nobody really gives a shit if youre an artist as well as a medical student.

Nobody gives a shit, so why should you?

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Interesting "story" but after reading your first sentence... It made me wonder who you stole the "story" from? Normally you give credit to the real author....


I stopped reading after "honky crackers". I assume anything else you had to say after that was just as stupid...


He is an idjit troll who likes to hear itself talk. You should ignore him like everyone else does.


Just...WHAT??????????????????????? lmao


Ah, this is funny.

First thing everyone commenting should do is see that my name and that guy's name are spelled different. If you're silly enough to believe a young black guy says words like "honky," you're very silly and should get out and meet more people.

If i WERE to vilify you, I'd say wyte, wight, wypipo, Yakubian, something along those lines because it's easier to search on Twitter than just saying "white" and that's how this generation talks.

The guy you think is me above is a white guy probably in fifties, because that's exactly who he talks like to me.