I'm not sure what is more idiotic, the cop in the video or the people's comments. First, this guy should have been fired. I understand being frustrated what with all the negs from the uninformed losers who hate cops but you hold a position of respect & should have acted accordingly. He should have stated with respectful words that his job is dangerous, he is always there when you need him & would appreciate some acknowledgement for that. All the cursing & threats just make him look like another thug. And speaking of thugs, if you are one of those hating on cops that makes you a thug. They do deserve our respect. They have one of the most dangerous jobs out there and this world would be in really bad shape if they were not there. There are some that are bad apples but they are a small minority & should be weeded out ASAP. But for you to hate on them says to the world that you are not living a legal life & having cops around makes it harder for you to be a criminal. Black on black crime is about a 1000 times more likely to happen than a cop killing a black. If you get shot chances are you were doing something you should bot have been doing. Either you are a productive member of society or you are a hindrance. If you are not productive I have no sympathy for you.