I find that people continuously are and will be great Mediterranean bulls hitters always when it comes to right and wrong.it is,not seems,to me that only police officers have to justify reasons for doing a job that mandates you to investigate a call for service in the rightfully intelligent way most possible with answers of most conclusions.what justify reason for this boy have to be outside of his playground stealing cars,and driving the home boys is around not knowing or discussing what their intention is for that day? Why do we as a society kill a police and then explain to the ones who ware that golden crystal,you did a wrong doing in indo in indoingthe right thing for humanity? I cannot respect attorneys who will hip motive you to believe that someone was scare cause an officer pointed a gun at them while they were stealing a car or acting in a manner of purchase negligence.if you put your arm in a alligators mouth,know that it will get bit off easily. Waste of time with these humans . The boy is wrong.he should go to jail forever,eat bread and water forever. My parents told me that when I was little,and it scared scared me scared me to always do good and the right thing. Those kids now got all these excuses to avoid a true as whipping. All yall bugging out as always. Adults today need the assignment whipping too.