VIDEO: 'Stop F-king Filming And Help Me' Cop Yells Out In Fight For His Life

Davon Shavelle Miller fought with a Houston officer as a woman in a uniform watched and filmed the altercation.

Houston, TX Only one bystander came to the aid of a Houston police officer who was struggling with a combative 17-year-old armed robbery suspect, but several more stood around recording the altercation on their phones (video below).

One of the witnesses filming the altercation appeared to be a uniformed security guard.

Help me! the officer yelled to her, as the suspect reached for his duty weapon during the altercation. Stop f--king filming and help me!

The incident occurred at a gas station near Greenville, after an unnamed Houston police officer stopped a vehicle in connection with a shooting and aggravated robbery in Harris County, KPRC reported.

The driver, later identified as 17-year-old Davon Shavelle Miller, took off running from the vehicle, at which point an unnamed Houston police officer chased him and tackled him to the ground.

Cell phone footage captured the fight that ensued.

Stop resisting! one bystander repeatedly screamed at Miller as the officer and another man tried to get him into handcuffs.

Miller, who was lying on his back, tried to push the officer off of him and reached for the officers gun several times.

Why you punch me? he yelled at the officer during the altercation.

Record me! Miller told other bystanders in the area.

Stop grabbing my cuffs! Let go of my f--king cuffs! the officer commanded, as Miller raised his left arm with the cuffs grasped in his hand.

Trying to kill me, son, Miller said.

Hes not gonna kill you, one female bystander told Miller, seemingly more concerned about the suspect than the officer. We all out here with cameras!

The witness who stopped to help the officer was able to rip the handcuffs from Millers hand, the video showed.

A woman dressed in what appeared to be a security guard uniform then stepped into the cameras view. She made no attempt to assist the officer, and instead circled around the melee, recording the scene with her cell phone.

Miller grabbed for the officers gun yet again, then repeatedly yelled, I didnt grab his gun!

The officer then saw the uniformed woman move towards his right side.

Stop f--king filming and help me! he yelled, as she walked by him with her phone pointed at him just before the video ended.

Miller was eventually subdued, and has been charged with felony disarming a police officer for attempting to take the officers weapon, Houston Police Officers Union President Joe Gamaldi told KPRC.

This guy is absolutely a threat, Gamaldi said. He had a pistol in his car that his girlfriend actually wrapped in a towel and threw it in the bushes while our officer [was] fighting with him.

The identity of the security guard was unknown, and it was unclear where she worked.

You know, a so-called security guard, a complete joke. She should be ashamed of herself, Gamaldi told KPRC.

You can watch cell phone footage of the officers altercation with Miller in the video below:

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The security guard is a complete disgrace to any form of law enforcement. I hope she lost her job and gets exposed for what she really is, a cowardly disgrace.

I cant even fathom this. The situation it self is just another day in the life of a LEO. The so called "security guard" should be charged for failing to assist an officer when requested. Yes it is a real charge. Mind you, she is black so she will most likely be acquitted of this for the wrath of oppression and racism will be quickly played.

Welcome to the new era of Socialism.

Start homeschooling your kids parents.


Good thing at least one man came running to help the officer, rather than stand around filming the event like the rest of the crowd - I sure hope the security guard lost her job.

Logic Required
Logic Required

This sums up all that is wrong in this day and age.


Certain folks put their race (or ethnicity) over being an American, or even -- as was the case here -- a compassionate human being. Such behavior from these folks is, unfortunately, to be expected.


That bitch should be sacked and named and shamed. Utter fucking cunt.