Hospitalized Fugitive Says 'I Definitely Regret It' After Spraying Cop With Mace

Patrick Bauer claimed he was pulled over for no reason, and that he sprayed the officer so he could stay with his dogs.

Leon, IA – An accused methamphetamine dealer who sprayed a Leon police officer in the face with mace said that the officer overreacted by shooting him.

“I feel he over reacted when I maced him,” Patrick Bauer told KCCI. “Why two seconds after I maced him was he had his gun drawn, shootin’ me?”

The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, after Leon Police Officer John Thomas stopped Bauer, 55, as he was heading home from working at a friend’s bar.

Bauer claimed he wasn’t breaking any laws and that he was sober, but that he also knew he had a warrant for his arrest out of Missouri for methamphetamine distribution.

“That warrant popped up,” he told KCCI on Monday. “I have two dogs I absolutely love, and it's going to kill them that I am not with them. So, I maced him and tried to get away.”

After being sprayed in the face by the chemical agent, Officer Thomas fired multiple rounds at his attacker.

One of the rounds struck Bauer in the chest.

“The doctor says I was lucky,” he told KCCI. “I was lucky. I should probably be dead.”

Bauer claimed the reason he was pulled over was because Officer Thomas allegedly told him he was “stopping everybody in this area if they was driving around at this time of night.”

“So, I feel that he profiled me,” Bauer added.

The suspect broke down crying as he spoke about his adoration for his two dogs, and claimed that he only attacked the officer because he wanted to be able to stay with them.

“I did something I shouldn’t have done,” he admitted. “I definitely regret it. Most definitely.”

Bauer also said he doesn’t expect anyone to feel badly that he was shot while attacking an officer, but that he does want them to have sympathy for his dogs.

“I don't want them to feel sorry for me. I want them to feel sorry for my animals not having me with them because that's all I thought about,” he told KCCI.

Bauer’s brother, August Bauer, said that Officer Thomas handled the situation appropriately, and that his brother deserved to be shot, KCCI reported.

“You are asking for trouble when you do that,” August said of Bauer’s attack on Officer Thomas.

“That constitutes an officer using force in that situation,” he continued. “If I [were] a police officer, I probably would have done the same. The training makes you do that.”

Officer Thomas has been placed on paid administrative leave, as per protocol, while the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) investigates the officer-involved shooting, KCCI reported.

The DCI’s findings will be forwarded to the Decatur County Attorney for review.

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Mr. Drysdale

Hey dumbass your deserve to be dead!


“Why two seconds after I maced him was he had his gun drawn, shootin’ me?”

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“The doctor says I was lucky,” “I was lucky. I should probably be dead.”

Yes, that's the way we all feel as well. What a disappointment you are.