Homeowner Shoots Four Burglars During Midnight Home Invasion

Jessica Aynes was fatally shot after she and three accomplices broke into an armed homeowner's residence on Thursday.

Yuma, AZ – An armed homeowner defended himself during a midnight home invasion on Thursday, when he shot all four intruders who burst into his residence.

One of the burglars, 28-year-old Jessica Aynes, later died of her wounds, KYMA reported.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:38 a.m., when the unnamed homeowners were awakened by the sound of someone trying to break in.

A neighbor said the homeowner flickered the lights as a warning to alert the burglars that the home was occupied.

But they came in anyway.

The homeowner opened fire, striking all four of the suspects.

“The subjects made entry into the home and during the process of the home invasion and burglary, an occupant of the home fired several rounds, striking all four of the subjects,” the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said, according to The Epoch Times.

The 911 center received multiple calls about the incident, including one from the homeowner, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Alfonso Zavala told KYMA.

Edith Guerrero, 36, Jaden James, 18, Leonardo Gonzalez, 27, and Aynes were all transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center with gunshot wounds, KYMA reported.

Aynes was pronounced dead at the hospital, and Guerrero and Gonzalez were later flown to another hospital in Phoenix.

Another neighbor, identified only as Guillermo, told KYMA that he was also awakened by a noise outside.

"We were asleep and we heard a knocking at 1:25 a.m., 30 minutes later, a spotlight went by the window and flashes of vehicles," he explained.

The spotlight and vehicles were those of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office deputies responding to the home invasion, Guillermo said.

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

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Build the wall.


I just love happy endings. We need a lot more.


This homeowner should be awarded a public service medal!!! Let this be a lesson to ALL would-be burglars around the country!!! Im just sorry he didn't get the other 3 as good!!!


i think the wall needs to be built on your western border more than your southern! KAGA


i agree with sentiment but disagree with any law that sentences "YOU" for actions of "ANYBODY ELSE".
but i also disagree with calling conspiracy a "lessor included" of the crime itself. discussing a murder (for instance) takes a different commitment than the act. making it a lessor included doesn't allow punishment for the calculated preparation that conspiracy possesses conspiracy conviction on top of burglary would add up to same idea in this case and leave each accountable only to their own actions... (knowledge of a weapon in possession of another is an obvious exception here since you know a weapon is present during crime, you could be thinking "he'll shoot anything" but home owner weapon cannot be attributed to criminals unless they had foreknowledge of a weapon's existence in which case the flickering lights indicating home occupied could fall back onto their knowledge of owner weapons to expect resistance of deadly force)

law really is too complicated ... we should just return to Bible... where most crimes just stoned the criminal