Home Invader Killed After Father Finds Him Outside Teen Daughter's Room

An armed home invader was shot with his own weapon during a confrontation with a Houston homeowner.

Houston, TX – A Houston father fought back against an armed home invader who tried to barge into his 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom in the middle of the night.

The incident occurred just before 2:40 a.m. on Sunday, when the unnamed 45-year-old attacker forced his way into a window on the ground floor of the family’s residence, KPRC reported.

The family’s Ring motion sensor alerted them that someone had broken into the home.

The male homeowner saw the armed intruder standing outside his teen daughter’s bedroom, and immediately engaged in a physical altercation with him, according to WDIV.

“My husband went into the room and the guy did not see my husband because my husband was behind him,” the female homeowner told KPRC.

Her husband was able to wrestle the suspect’s gun away, but the man still wouldn’t back down.

“[My husband] took away the gun,” she explained. “My daughter was behind my husband. My husband was protecting my daughter.”

“My husband was telling him, ‘Get out! Get out! What are you doing here? Get out!’” she recounted. “So the guy was still coming out at my husband, so my husband had to shoot him."

The father fired multiple rounds, hitting the suspect several times, KDIV reported.

A neighbor heard the gunfire, and ran over to the family’s home to usher the four children in the house to safety.

The children, who ranged in age from 4 to 13, were all uninjured.

The neighbor went back into the home at one point, and saw the suspect stabbing himself in the chest with a knife, KPRC reported.

“He started stabbing himself, stabbing himself and then until the cops came and they took him,” the female homeowner said. “He was just telling him, ‘Kill me, kill me,’ I guess he was telling the neighbor too, 'shoot me in the head, shoot me in the head, kill me, kill me.'”

The intruder was rushed to a local hospital, where died of his injuries, WDIV reported.

Police are still working to determine a potential motive for the attack, and said it does not appear that the suspect knew the family.

"Of course, it's still under investigation," Houston Police Detective Blake Roberts told WDIV. "We still have a lot of research to do on the male that broke into the house as far as his criminal history, his mental history and anything we can find in order to determine what would be the motive for this."

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Snakeman 51

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