High School Band Depicts Execution Of SWAT Officers Week After 2 Officers Killed

The Forest Hill High School band depicted the execution of cops just a week after two Brookhaven officers were killed.

Brookhaven, MS - The halftime performance for a game between Forest Hill High School and Brookhaven High School has sparked outraged after the students depicted the execution of police officers.

The Forest Hill High School band members showed students dressed and doctors and nurses using fake rifles to depict the execution of students dressed as police officers.

The performance comes just one week after two Brokhaven officers were murdered in the line of duty.

The performance caught the attention of Governor Phil Bryant who tweeted, "This is unacceptable in a civilized society. Someone should be held accountable."

WLBT reports that Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox spoke to the mayor of Jackson, who responded that the Forest Hill band director has been suspended. The mayor also apologized for the halftime show.

Jackson Public Schools has not responded to request for comment.

Blue Lives Matter National Spokesman Randy Sutton weighed in on the performance.

"What in the name of God is going on in this city? The Band Leader allegedly creates the themes for the bands 'performances' and whoever this is clearly lacks any sense of morality or empathy and the fact that he/she is leading these high school students is unfathomable," Sutton said. "It is just as disturbing that none of these students refused to participate and that their parents who must have known did or said anything to stop this madness!"

"Besides that whoever is responsible needs to be fired, the mere fact that this took place or was even dreamed up in the first place reveals the lack of humanity and empathy that many people have demonstrated towards the families and loved ones of two men who sacrificed their lives for these very same cretins who are pictured here," he added. "Disgusting."

Brookhaven Patrolman James White and Corporal Zack Moak were murdered in the line of duty last Saturday morning.

The incident started as Officers White, 35, and Moak, 31, were responding to a report of shots fired at around 5 a.m. at 630 N. 6th Street, according to Chief Kenneth Collins.

The officers arrived one after another and were shot by Marquis Flowers, 25.

During the gunfight, both officers were mortally wounded, and Flowers was wounded.

Both officers were transported to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Flowers was wounded in the gunfight and remains hospitalized.

“We answer those calls many times, and nothing ever happens. One hundred times — just that one time is all it takes,” the chief said at a press conference after the shooting.

"Two heroes lost their lives this morning. They are in the presence of Jesus right now,” Chief Collins said at the time. “I want the families to know that we’re going to keep on doing what we do, in Jesus’ name.”

In 2012, Flowers has been sentenced to eight counts of auto burglary and conspiracy. He was given a partially suspended sentence that was revoked in 2015 after he violated conditions of release.

He was paroled in 2016, but parole was revoked in 2017 after he stole a car and fled from police. However, he was allowed to post bond and get out of jail.

He didn't make his next court appearance, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, which was active at the time Flowers murdered the Brookhaven officers.

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No matter what the actual skit was about, how were these children allowed fake guns on school grounds. If a child can be suspended for making a finger pistol, these idiots should be expelled and allowed to see what life without a High School diploma is like.


While the display was certainly very inappropriate; please check your facts before reporting irresponsibly. The depiction was of a hostage situation from a film, not of an execution.

While some of you may not trust snopes, they reference all of the actual facts of the matter, and you can simply use it as a starting point to the relevant information.

To be clear, I do NOT condone what these children or the Band Director did, but to exaggerate what happened only makes a bad matter worse and polarizes the conversation to no valuable end.

We Care
We Care

I worry about these kids if someone is teaching them this is acceptable. They need an education on the folks that protect us all and put their lives on the line and give their lives to insure we are protected. I would demand these students get an education possibly from the police themselves. I wonder if their parents were aware of this unacceptable behavior prior to this taking place, I sincerely hope not.


Adult educators condoning the murdering of our police should be met with swift and severe condemnation. The band leader and the school principal should be immediately fired and the school districts Superintendent should be suspended without pay for 30 days.


Where the are the administrators? We live in dangerous times folks.