Hero Down: Keizer Police Department Officer Daniel Carroll Succumbs To Cancer

Holly Matkin

Keizer Police Department Officer Daniel Carroll devoted over 15 years of his life to his law enforcement career.

Keizer, OR – Keizer Police Department (KPD) Officer Daniel “Dan” Carroll died on Saturday, after a valiant nine-month battle with esophageal cancer.

Following his diagnosis in May of 2019, the 43-year-old officer “fought hard, with remarkable, but not unexpected determination as he underwent numerous treatments,” the KPD said in a Facebook post.

In late December of that year, Officer Carroll went back to the doctor due to “a steady increase” of headaches, his wife, Windie Carroll, said in an update on the family’s fundraising page.

By the end of January, the pain became “debilitating,” Windie said.

Doctors soon discovered that the cancer had entered Officer Carroll’s spinal fluid, causing a myriad of complications that his physicians could no longer treat.

“Dan battled his illness as he lived his life; courageously,” the KPD said. “We will never forget Dan—his infectious laugh, friendship, work ethic, commitment to our profession, and the ability to always be trusted to do the right thing…Though we wish we had more time with him, we are forever grateful that Dan and his family chose our police family to call home.”

Prior to his career with the KPD, Officer Carroll worked as a full-time officer in Seaside, and as a reserve officer for the Phoenix [Oregon] and Talent Police Departments.

He joined the KPD in May of 2005.

“Dan loved his job. During his treatments and while very ill, he would often come to the police department to catch up on various events and help out wherever he could,” the department said.

A fundraising effort established to help Officer Carroll’s family has raised over $23,000 thus far.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Keizer Police Department Officer Daniel “Dan” Carroll, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Rest easy, hero. We’ll hold the line from here.

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Condolences to the family of this fine officer and sympathies to Keizer PD, also.
Dan Carroll, your life mattered.


Gone way too soon. My thoughts and prayers for his family and community. Their lies are also, forever changed.


My heart felt condolences to Dan's family. I am so humbled by his service and courageous fight. May he rest in peace and may his family be surrounded by God's love and comfort.