Heather Locklear Assaults Boyfriend, Attacks 3 Cops Arresting Her

Actress Heather Locklear assaulted her boyfriend and three deputies on Sunday night.

Thousand Oaks, CA – Hollywood actress Heather Locklear was arrested on multiple charges on Sunday night, after she attacked three deputies who responded to her residence for a report of domestic violence.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:40 p.m., when Locklear’s brother called 911, and said that he witnessed Locklear, 56, and her unnamed boyfriend fighting, People reported.

When deputies arrived, they observed a visible mark on Locklear’s boyfriend, and took Locklear into custody, according to TMZ.

Locklear became combative, and flailed and kicked at the deputies, striking three of them, before she was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

“Yesterday at about 10 p.m., our deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence,” a Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman told ET.

“When they arrived, Ms. Locklear was uncooperative with the deputies and actually battered three of our deputies. We initiated an investigation, which revealed that she had actually battered a boyfriend at the residence prior to our arrival,” the sheriff’s spokesman said.

Her violent antics resulted in one felony domestic violence charge, and three misdemeanor counts of battery on emergency personnel, FOX News reported.

Locklear was transported to the Ventura County Jail, and posted bond at 5:48 a.m. on Monday, according to People.

It wasn’t the first trip to jail for the actress, who has a history of substance abuse and violent behavior.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at the residence of her then-boyfriend Jack Wagner in 2011, TMZ reported.

A police department source told the news outlet that Locklear “lost it on [Wagner], and he retaliated,” but neither party wanted to pursue charges.

In 2008, Locklear was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, but the charge was ultimately dismissed after she pleaded guilty to reckless driving. She was required to serve three years of informal probation, and had to take a driver safety class, FOX News reported.

The actress was also arrested in 2010, after she hit a no-parking sign, and fled the scene, according to People.

In 2012, Locklear was hospitalized after her sister contacted emergency personnel, and said that she feared Locklear “was going to harm herself,” FOX News reported. She was found to have ingested a “dangerous mix” of Xanax and alcohol.

In 2017, Locklear responded to rumors that she had entered rehab for a fifth time, and told ET that she was “feeling great ... and am taking steps to enrich and better my life.”

Locklear is due in court on Mar. 13, ET reported.

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Bad day lady? I guess you r not as important as you thought you might be. Enjoy your sentence.


Because no one is arguing long drug sentences. That's exactly what shoukd happen, especially to repeat offenders.

I asked, specifically, and not even to you, for comparative lenient sentences for black people. Comparative as in multi-offender that got little to no jail time and a tax-payer sponsored trip to rehab.


@Hi_estComnDenomn gave you three examples you requested, five if you include the other two, and you want to TRY to pick ONE apart. LOL tinman. Some Os never learn.


In that last story, the two that traffickers were sentenced to jail time. The one that had possession was sentenced to probation, he's just a corner boy. Also, I don't think I see a mention to previous convictions, so this one would be lighter.

Try again.