Gunman Shoots Cop 4 Times, Armed Citizen Jumps In Gunfight To Save Officer

A citizen with a concealed carry permit heroically jumped into a gun battle with a man who shot a Cicero police officer.

Cicero, IL A citizen with a concealed carry permit rushed to the aid of an injured Cicero police officer on Thursday, and opened fire on the assailant who had shot the officer four times.

The incident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. near the Cicero Avenue Interstate 55 ramp near the border of Cicero and Chicago.

Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle with California plates that had been reported as stolen, WLS reported.

The suspect vehicle refused to pull over, and officers were able to box his vehicle in on the entrance ramp, Cicero Police Superintendent Jerry Chlada said during a press conference.

Traffic was heavy at the time, he said.

The subject immediately exited his vehicle and began shooting multiple rounds at our officers, striking one of our officers multiple times, Superintendent Chlada explained.

Officer Luis Duarte, 31, sustained four gunshot wounds, WGN reported.

Cicero getting off I-55, I've been shot, I've been shot several times," Officer Duarte alerted over the police radio, calling in his own injury, WLS reported.

The suspect attempted to flee the scene on foot, then opened fire on a second officer who began chasing after him, the superintendent said.

We were lucky enough to have a citizen on the street there whos a concealed carry holder and he also engaged in gunfire with this offender, he added.

The suspect was hit one time, but it was unclear whether he was shot by the officer or the citizen.

Officer Duarte was rushed to the Mount Sinai Hospital, where he underwent surgery on Thursday night, WGN reported.

He is listed in good condition, despite have been shot in the leg, torso, and twice in the arm, WLS reported.

Officer Duarte and has served the department for four years, Superintendent Chlada said.

The suspect was taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition, Chicago Police Sergeant Rocco Alioto said during the press conference.

I want to thank all the police officers throughout the world, said Cicero Town President Larry Dominick, who had spent part of the evening with Officer Duarte and his family. Theyve got a tough, tough battleI want to thank the all the Cicero policemen for their continuous hard work.

Policemen arent looked at the way they were when I was a kid, Dominick continued. I used to wave at policemen, now people give the policemen the finger or somethingI think people have got to start realizing that police save a lot of lives [and] do a great job.

Dominick praised the citizen who got out and started helping the police.

Thats something Ive got to be proud of, he added.

The Chicago Police Department is handling the shooting investigation, while the Illinois State Police will conduct the investigation into the Cicero police officers actions, WGN reported.

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Good on the citizen...we sure need more like him!


I, too, would not hesitate to rush in to help a LEO if I could. Whether it would be to shoot back at a perp or to help with a wound, I am willing to do whatever it would take. You LEOs are out there, daily walking that line between us citizens and danger, the least we can do is help you when we are needed.


Many of us citizens are sheepdogs, officers, and we have your six.


Glad to hear the officer is ok. Another one for CCs!


Great action taken by the hero citizen. I have seen this type of hero citizen multiple times here in Texas, Im beginning to think everyone in Texas has a license to carry as they pull their guns out to help other Texans a lot! So glad the officer is going to live.