Gunman Opens Fire In High School Gym - Gets Shot By Hero Cop

A police officer confronted the former student when the shooting started.

Dixon, IL - A Dixon police officer shot and wounded an armed former student who opened fire in a high school gym Wednesday morning.

The incident happened at around 8 a.m. at the Dixon High School gym, according to Chicago Tribune.

Students were in the gym for graduation practice, and there was a Dixon police officer present.

A former student showed up, and when confronted by the officer, the former student opened fire.

The officer returned fire and shot the gunman.

The gunman has been transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to KCRG.

Nobody important was injured in the shooting.

A student told WREX what he witnessed.

"All of a sudden out of nowhere you hear 'pop, pop, pop' which sounds like firecrackers and it's dead silence. Teacher comes in saying, go, go, go! Everyone comes flooding out of the school running to the pizzeria. It was scary," the student said. "I never thought it'd happen in my town, my school. You see all the school shootings online, across the country. That will never happen to me. That will never happen."

The gunman has not been identified at this time.

Governor Rauner has identified the hero officer as Officer Mark Dallas.

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what? this is journalism. when did it not become important to spell or word shit correctly in an article? you can have all the soul in the world, but if you spell like a dummy, that's exactly how people see your message.


I am under the impression that they have stopped teaching reading comprehension in schools. If they were then no one would be b*tching about spelling or grammar because they would be too absorbed in the meaning of a statement instead of the structure! You miss so much when you don't see the soul of someone's writing!


WOW, wish the author was perfect like everyone else. Did his grammar put innocent people at risk? Open your eyes up and stop being idiotic! This article is about an SRO officer who stopped a gunman and potentially saved lots of lives, possibly a life of someone you know, NOT AN ENGLISH PAPER!!! Good job SRO and shame on all people who read this and overlook your heroic effort because they are too concerned about the grammar. Apparently I didn’t realize grammar kills, not gunman!!!!


I suspect they mean only the shooter was injured. Admit<didn't read it.


Again gun law no firearms on school property did absolutely nothing to save lives.
A armed police officer saved numerous students lives.
Good guy or girl with a gun saved the day.
Wake up Chucky Schumer, Dine Feinstein, Jerry Brown,
Andy Cuomo, Deblasio of nyc, and other gun hating retards.

Gun free zone Signage does not protect the flock. Armed SHEEPDOG DOES.